Poroshenko Stages False Flag in Avdeevka During Eurovision

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Marina Kharkova

This evening, on May 13th, nothing portended tragedy. The residents of 53 Sapronov Street were in their yard, they were welcoming guests when a heavy shell exploded. Then one more, and again. Afterwards information appeared on social networks: “It seems there are victims among civilians. Ambulances were dispatched. The shells landed in the private sector”.

In some minutes information about a direct hit on a house on 53 Sapronov Street (former Pionerskaya). According to preliminary data 4 people have died there. These are three women and one man. All of them were sat at a table in the yard. One more man was seriously injured in the head, he was taken to hospital. It was a family and guests who came to visit. There were two children with them. They were playing near the place of the tragedy and survived. Now they became orphans. They were taken away somewhere by Ukrainian police officers, the fate of the children isn’t known.

It became known that the shells landed near the school and kindergarten, the passengers of the electric train came under fire. As eyewitnesses said, at the station people jumped under the electric train to remain safe.

Literally in a few minutes after the tragedy the officials of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an blistering speech, accusing the army of the DPR of the shelling and murder of civilians. The head of military civil authorities of Avdeevka Pavel Malikhin operatively expressed sympathy for the families of the victims. It this an accidental coincidence?

What is characteristic is that the old half of the city of Avdeevka shelled by mortar fire and the railway station are in the close vicinity of the Ukrainian units. It wasn’t possible to do it from Yasinovataya, and especially not from Donetsk. The bloody provocation by the Ukrainian side is obvious.

It is not the first time when the UAF shelled Avdeevka, and later accuse the army of the DPR. In March of this year a video appeared on the Intnertet in which it is shown how the UAF shells inhabited multi-storey buildings with the aim of accusing the DPR of the shelling. It was filmed and published by the resident of Zaporizhia Vlad Makhovsky, being in Avdeevka.

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Also, the residents of other cities and settlements of the former Donetsk region constantly release on social networks testimonies that their settlements are shelled precisely by the UAF. Such instances, for example, in Marinka, located to the West of Donetsk, were also numerously gathered.


So, as you can see, “cynical Bandera” Poroshenko can murder 4 people and turn children into orphans without batting an eyelid, to attract the attention of the “world community” during Eurovision to inject new life into his notorious “Russian aggression” skit. And of course, to disrupt the future Minsk talks on May 15th.


“Eurovision is an event very important for Ukraine. I and Marina planned together to be present at the final of the competition, and invited our fighters and invalids to support Ukraine together. However, due to the shelling of Avdeevka and deaths of civilians, I decided to cancel my stay at the final of Eurovision.”

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