Poroshenko Unveiled a Monument to ATO Militants Built on the Remnants of a Monument to WWII Veterans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Poroshenko’s visit to Bolgrad started with the laying of flower in front of the reconstructed Memorial of Glory, which was converted from a monument to heroes of the Great Patriotic War to a monument to participants of the ATO.

The authorities of Bolgrad decided to apply political correctness to the monument back in the autumn of 2017. Initially there was talk about simple reparation of the monument, which was built in 1967 and in recent years has decayed quite a lot. However, then it was decided not to repair the monument, but to demolish it and to replace it with a memorial to participants of the ATO. However, the authors of the idea encountered difficulties, as the monument had the status of a monument of cultural heritage. But this was difficulty quickly bypassed: allegedly the monument itself had no historical value, but underneath it there is the grave of a perished Soviet soldier, and since nobody can touch the grave, the monument can be demolished and replaced by one that is more relevant from a political point of view.

Poroshenko in Bolgrad laid flowers in front of the monument to participants of the ATO made from a monument to veterans of the Great Patriotic War

Work on the construction of a new monument on the graves of Soviet soldiers begun in June, 2018. A tree of life featuring human silhouettes instead of leaves became the center of the composition. In front of the tree there is a metal book with the official greeting of OUN “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!”. Behind the tree there is a metal wall on which there is a silhouette of a government soldier on one side and a Red Army soldier on the other.

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Poroshenko said in his speech that for him it is a great honor to participate in the unveiling of a memorial that symbolises the unity of those who battled against Nazis and those who, we quote, “today fight against the Eastern horde”.

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