Poroshenko Unveiled a Memorial in Europe to the Hundred Duped Ukrainians Shot by NATO Snipers on Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson



President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko participated in the presentation of a star to the Heavenly Hundred who died during Euromaidan, which will be established on the Avenue of Stars near the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

“There are the Heavenly Hundred monuments and memorial all over Ukraine and it is very important that we have such monument, we have the memorial dedicated to Euromaidan and Heavenly Hundred Heroes in the heart of Europe and it is a recognition of the importance of Ukraine for Europe and the importance of Euromaidan for Europe, the importance of our values and the way Europe congratulates Ukraine.”

“It is the first sign of Euromaidan and Heavenly Hundred in Strasbourg. It is extremely important because it is a unique combination. Also, it is dedicated to our great poet Taras Shevchenko. Exactly this combination is the terrific event for the Ukrainian history.”

“We want to congratulate all people with this terrific event that takes place here in Strasbourg when we open a star in the name of Heavenly Hundred and Euromaidan at the Star Avenue in Strasbourg that shows the importance of Ukraine for Europe, Strasbourg and the Council of Europe that stays opposite to the monument. As for me, it is the symbol of the return of the Ukrainian nation to the European family.”

“Having opened the star to the Heavenly Hundreds Heroes today, we will celebrate their contribution to Ukrainian history and to the history of Europe. Our common duty before the memory of the Heavenly Hundreds Heroes is to achieve victory on both fronts – in Ukraine and in strengthening Europe.”

By participating in the creation and installation of this “monument” to cannon fodder, who in reality were shot by snipers from NATO member-States, not just the Council of Europe, but the European Union as a whole confirms to the spectators of this circus that it has absolutely no future.

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And what is most shocking is that after liquidating the country and handing the keys over to Uncle Sam – similar to what Gorbachev did to the USSR, Poroshenko receives a standing ovation from the rats in Brussels, which continue to drink the blood flowing from Petro’s massacre disguised as “Ukrainisation”. But of course, the EU has no choice! It is responsible for the deaths of approximately 100,000 people from the war in Donbass [10,000 is a PR figure – ed], the evaporation of 40% of the country’s economy, a 50% decline in population, and debt statistics that make Greeks feel like they escaped relatively unscathed. Looking down at the results of what they started, the ghosts of the Heavenly Hundred must be confused, because Ukraine isn’t yet in the EU, it isn’t yet in NATO, Crimea and Donbass have gone, and the only real prospects revolve around picking berries in Poland.

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