Poroshenko Urged Ukrainians to “Learn English” & “Explore the Modern Civilised World”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko urged Ukrainians to learn the English language and to explore the world.

“Knowing the English language is to be in tune with the modern civilized world, to have a powerful tool for self-development and access to a unique layer of knowledge. Study English. Explore the world!” wrote Poroshenko on his page on Facebook.

On April 23rd the world celebrates the Day of English.

Earlier Poroshenko stated the importance of film production in the conditions of an informational war with Russia.

It would appear that Poroshenko’s quest to remove all traces of the Russia nation from Ukraine knows no bounds and, as the popular saying goes, he is willing to sell his own mother if it will bring in some extra profit for him. A switch to the Latin alphabet, as was suggested on Lvov TV, cannot be discounted, especially considering the fact that Kazakhstan recently ratified such a move. It would be wise at this time to keep an eye on the likes of Navalny, who will surely insist that dropping Cyrillic will bring “democracy” and “freedom” to Russia.

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