Poroshenko Wants to Eliminate Opposition Bloc Deputy Aleksandr Vilkul

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Aleksey Zhuravko

The Kiev regime does everything so that there is no opposition in Ukraine, thus it is intimidated, discredited, and destroyed. Recall that Oleg Kalashnkov, Mikhail Chechetov, Oles Buzina, and other dissidents were killed.

The day before yesterday I received information from serious sources about the preparation of the elimination of the eminent oppositional politician Aleksandr Vilkul. As far as I know, behind the organization of this murder there are Nazis from Right Sector, Yarosh, and those close to Boris Filatov – the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk.

The person who gave me this information claims that the elimination of the People’s Deputy is coordinated with the top leadership of the SBU of Ukraine. The staff of the SBU is involved in this special operation. And specifically people close to Avakov – Yury Sabolta, Vasilenkov A., and other people who can work under other fictional names.

It is desired to pin all responsibility for this murder on pro-Russian forces.

I considered it necessary to publish this information somehow to save Aleksandr Vilkul and to avoid another victim of this bloody Kiev regime.

I want to say in advance that after the publication of my information these villains, such as Avakov, Yarosh, Filatov, the head of the SBU, will claim that it is a lie.

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