Poroshenko Was Sarcastically Thanked for Poverty During His Pre-Election Visit to Transcarpathia

The chief swindler in the Verkhovna Rada Petro Poroshenko continues to travel around regions in search of pre-election happiness. He has been on the move since March 12th. During this week he already managed to visit Zhytomyr, Chernigov, Mariupol, Lutsk, and Kovel.

Everywhere he has been there have been scandals. Neither National Corpus activists or oppositional journalists have managed to breakthrough to him, his visits are protected by hundreds of police officers. And people are only allowed to communicate with the president through a fence.

At the same time, the president ceased to broadcast his meetings because shouting about corruption or the persecution of journalists is continually heard.

On March 15th he visited Transcarpathia. The town of Khust, as well as the villages of Rozovka and Uzhgorod had the “privilege” of seeing Poroshenko. A number of routes were blocked, although Poroshenko reached Uzhgorod by helicopter. Most likely, the high level of security was aimed at Arsen Avakov’s Nazis who are hunting for the guarantor. This was also not without inconvenient moments. For example, in the Red Field memorial park Poroshenko was thanked for poverty. The president tried to ignore it, but then he turned around and said: “Not for poverty, but for fighting poverty”. “For poverty,” insisted the man. “If there are retirees, then they must have a conscience,” said the guarantor.

As usual, several buses with state employees – forced to attend the event – inside were present.

Poroshenko was greeted by a flower flash mob. On the broken Transcarpathian roads, along the possible route of the motorcade, activists planted flowers in the pot holes. At the same time, the roadway was decorated with pansies, and the route of the motorcade had been hastily cleaned from garbage and bridges repaired.

In the morning Poroshenko posted on his Facebook page, saying that, apparently, there have been impressive changes in the region: “Transcarpathia is the closest to Europe. And not only geographically. The pace of change over the past 4 years is really impressive work. They have a deep understanding of all aspects of society. The most important thing is that common goals are formed in dialogue where every member of the community has a voice. Today, at the Regional Development Council, together with the active members of Transcarpathian communities, we talk about the current situation vis-a-vis business and future plans.”

An extra layer of comedy was provided by the Uzhgorod activist Evgeny Rakhimov. He claimed that on social media there is information about an attempt to assassinate Poroshenko during his presidential visit to Transcarpathia. According to him, the murder was ordered by the deputy of the Uzhgorod City Council Igor Voloshin, and the performer is Aleksandr Brody, the head of the local public organization “Anti-corruption”.

“I ask to consider my post as an official report on an impending crime. During Poroshenko’s visit to Transcarpathia they intend to attempt to assassinate him,” he wrote. Rakhimov left his message in the official group of Uzhgorod on Facebook, but it was later removed – including from the page of Rakhimov himself.

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According to him, the purpose of murdering Poroshenko is to shake up the situation in the region, and a local businessmen, who the deputy cheated out of money, was supposed to become the scapegoat. The price of the issue is $30,000.

Like during his visit to Volyn on March 14th, the tactics of the tour changed. The president appeared in several locations during the day (at least this is what was announced). This complicates the task of disgruntled Nazis from “National Corpus”, who previously only had to come with posters to one declared place. Now it is difficult for both the rally’s participants and journalists to keep pace with the rapidly moving president.

During his speech on Red Field, Poroshenko said – with a straight face – that in five years under his reign the foundation was laid for the future of Ukraine. “Decentralisation, Army, Tomos” – these are the so-called “achievements” that Poroshenko listed. Without naming names, he mentions “other Ukrainian politicians” who do not realise the danger hanging over Ukraine and act to the detriment of unity.

“And I thank Transcarpathia for such powerful support for the Ukrainian army. I thank all the volunteers and military personnel – all those who defended the enemy and your beautiful land and the whole of Ukraine,” said Poroshenko. And he added that besides Putin, Ukraine has one more enemy – poverty. From the army, the president moved on to the topic of pensioners. He says that he knows how hard it is to count every hryvnia before retirement, and that they are among the hardest hit by “Russian aggression”. He talked about raising pensions, about one-time compensation in the amount of 2,410 hryvnia, which pensioners will receive before the elections – in March and April (not voter bribery?).

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He spoke about helping large families – apparently he understands their problems well, because he has four children himself, although he “forgot” to mention that they parasite off state money. “And all from one wife,” he said, repeating the joke that he already said during his tour. Poroshenko completed his speech on Red Field by saying the Banderist slogan “Glory to the heroes of Carpathian Ukraine! And Glory to Ukraine!”.

After his speech Poroshenko took part in the symbolic opening of the “Uzhgorod” Airport, and after several years of it standing idle it took the first plane.

The local TV channel “Sirius” interviewed Uzhgorod residents and asked them what topics they would pay attention to during the president’s visit. Most of all, people mentioned the roads: “Why does he fly and not drive a car?” They also mentioned corruption and social issues.

The presidential press service posted a photo from the Transcarpathian region, where on March 15th he took part in events to mark the 80th anniversary of the proclamation of Carpathian Ukraine in 1939 and the battle of Red Field.

According to Petro Poroshenko’s version of history, before World War II, when other states tried to pacify the aggressor, Ukrainians defended the peace. “We remember those who had the courage at the time of mortal danger, when the deadly breath of the Second World War was felt, to declare: ‘Ukraine was, Ukraine is, and Ukraine will surely be’. At a time when European politicians were still hoping to pacify the aggressor, Ukrainians were the first to proudly and courageously declare their rights,” the press service quoted him as saying.

Poroshenko spoke at a meeting of the Regional Development Council in the Transcarpathian region with almost the same speech as the one he gave on Red Field. What was different: he spoke about Baturyn (a town in the Chernigov region), where “the doors were opened to Moskals”, about the Ukrainian People’s Republic, and about the West Ukrainian People’s Republic. And that today’s appeal “Come, Putin” is reminiscent of the events in Baturyn. But Ukrainians are not to blame for this – politicians are to blame. Further, Poroshenko recalled the so-called Holodomor. Then the president moved on to the topic of the army: “In order to survive with its neighbour Russia, Ukraine must have a strong army,” He emphasised that the Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak is in the hall. He said that the army was not even revived, but created. And it was created not from scratch, but from the deep minus. He recalled that before him parts were plundered.

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“Our army receives the latest weapons, and I personally oversee the transfer of weapons to the troops, which are not just repaired, but modernised,” he said without laughing. After using the “four children from one wife” joke for the second time in a day and blaming Russia for imaginary “aggression”, he ended this speech by saying “Glory to Ukraine!”.

To end his visit Poroshenko met with the residents of Uzhgorod.

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