Poroshenko’s Camouflaged Appearances Are Staged According to a Script

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As you know, our President likes to dress up in camouflage and visit various military facilities.

Usually, during these visits, Poroshenko tells soldiers what a great honor it is for them to defend their Motherland, and about the great conditions of their service created by the State, in the face of a camouflaged Petro.

Personally, we always wondered why during these visits why nobody spat at the Supreme Commander… or rather, didn’t refute such things.

And now we have an explanation. We publish the correspondence of the political strategist of the President Oleg Medvedev with the head of the Department of National Security and Defense Sergey Sokirka, which refers to a list of servicemen who will speak with the President during the opening of a rehabilitation center. All their personal data is presented.

Poroshenko’s visit to the rehabilitation center is scheduled on an office-by-office basis. For example, in the “fitobar” office 7 soldiers will wait for him at the same time, then another three in both the physical therapy and physiotherapy rooms. And one at a time in the massage room, the therapist’s room, and the emergency room.

From the 17 people, 7 have chronic radiculitis, 6 have no injuries.

In order to “rehabilitate the participants of ATO” a violet ray unit is installed for cosmetology in the center.

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