Poroshenko’s Campaign Speech in Zhytomyr Was Marred by Heckling “Azov” Nazis

After being literally pushed out of Cherkassy by Arsen Avakov’s “National Corpus” (the political spin-off project of “Azov”) nazi militants, on March 11th Petro Poroshenko decided to run to Zhytomyr and try to hold a meeting and have a speech in front of the local residents. However, much to the dismay of the master embezzler, nazis from National Corpus once again caught up with him, this time shouting “Shame!”, “Marauders – go to jail”, and also posters with the image of a pig and the inscription “Svinoboronprom” – a portmanteau of “Svinarchuk” (the former name of Poroshenko’s associate Igor Gladkovsky; it is also the Ukrainian word for pig – “svinya”) and Ukroboronprom.

And just like in Cherkassy, Poroshenko couldn’t endure the situation in Zhytomyr for long – after his short speech he took off. It should be noted that the radicals and people in the crowd who can be heard in the videos below speak a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian. I.e., never all in Ukrainian. Apparently, for a Ukrainian “patriot”, saying “Да”/”Da” (Russian for “yes”) instead of “так”/“Tak” (Ukrainian for “yes”), even after 5 years of “fighting against the Kremlin aggressor”, isn’t shameful at all…

The Ukrainian human rights platform Uspishna Varta decided to attend Poroshenko’s Zhytomyr meeting and noticed that employees of budgetary institutions had once again been herded to one of Poroshenko’s events via centralised bus transportation.

The local “Zhytomyr.info” website also took photos of people coming off buses. I.e., Poroshenko literally rents a crowd for his public electoral campaign appearances.

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