Poroshenko’s City Day “Congratulations” for Donetsk Evoked Disgust From the Republic’s Residents

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Petro Poroshenko published an appeal to the residents of Donetsk on the occasion of City Day, celebrated on August 27th.

“The Ukrainian Donetsk celebrates a birthday today. Happy City Day, dear Donetsk residents! We remember you and we persistently fight for your return to Ukraine. I’m sure that the Ukrainian anthem will again sound in our Donetsk!” wrote Poroshenko on twitter.

Poroshenko’s “congratulations” caused disgust in Donetsk.

“I want to remind everyone in what ways the Ukrainian army ‘persistently fights’ for the return of Donetsk under its control. Does someone in Donetsk and in all of the DPR want the Ukrainian anthem to again sound?” commented the well-known Donetsk war correspondent Denis Grigoryuk regarding Poroshenko’s address, having published pictures of the consequences of shelling on the Donetsk Republic by the Ukrainian Army.

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