Poroshenko’s Declared Revenue for the First 2 Months of 2019 Reached Almost a Billion Hryvnia

The “Chocolate King” and chief butcher of Donbass Petro Poroshenko has filed yet another “exemplar” financial declaration, this time for the period of February 1st to March 1st. How much declared income did he report? According to the investigative “Ukrainski Novini” website (which, it must be said, is a tool of certain rivals of Poroshenko), which in turn cited the official declarations register, Petro raked in 856.4 million hryvnia. And this is only what wasn’t stuffed into an offshore (undeclared/illegal income). Poroshenko is obliged to submit his full income statement for 2018 before March 31st.

Thus, from February 1st to March 1st Poroshenko declared 280.4 million hryvnia of income: 169.6 million in dividends from “Prime Assets Capital”, 2.1 million in interest from the International Investment Bank (IIB), a 104.1 million return from the Ministry of Finance from the cost of acquiring domestic state loan bonds, and 4.6 million in investment profit from the repayment of government bonds.

At the beginning of January the President declared 576 million hryvnia of income: 548.7 million in dividends from the Rothschild Trust, 26.2 million in dividends from “Prime Assets Capital”, and 1.1 million in interest from deposits in the IIB.

At the same time, his January declaration can belong to both his income for 2018 and for 2019, since significant changes made to a state official’s property are supposed to be declared within 10 days of them happening.

So, depending on what year this latest declaration applied to, Poroshenko’s income for 2018 will be no less than 754 million hryvnia, which is a whole 46 times more than his income for 2017, or it will exceed 1.3 billion hryvnia, which would be 80 times more than the 16.3 million hryvnia declared by him for 2017.

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According to the investigation of the “Chesno” website, this means that the estimated cash incomes of the 44 presidential candidates is 2.23 billion hryvnia, and 37% of this amount are the assets of Petro Poroshenko. The graphic below shows the top 5 in terms of richness: Petro Poroshenko; Yury Derevyanko – a friend of Saakashvili; Sergey Taruta – the Donetsk oligarch and former gauleiter of the territory occupied by the UAF ; Aleksandr Vilkul – the leader of the “Opposition Bloc”, which also supports the pillaging of Ukraine, only under different slogans; Evgeny Murayev – some say that his candidature is a project of Poroshenko.

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