Poroshenko’s Easter Visit to Lvov – a Celebration of “Job Well Done”

On Monday, April 29th, the leader of the junta in Ukraine Petro Poroshenko came to Lvov – the only region where he, unsurprisingly, won in the presidential election – for the second day of the Orthodox Easter holidays. He started his visit by “honouring the memory of the soldiers and Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred at the Lychakov cemetery, where actual Wehrmacht collaborators from the SS “Galicia” division are buried.

Petro Poroshenko, together with his partner in crime Marina Poroshenko, accompanied by representatives of the local government, laid wreathes at the graves of heroes and communicated with the relatives of the deceased.

After this the king of “Roshen” and his spouse went to Shevchenkovsky Gai to join the Easter celebrations there. The residents of Lvov who were present photographed themselves with the so-called head of state and from time to time chanted: “Thanks”. After this Petro Poroshenko went meet the residents of Lvov in the city center.

As a reminder, it was earlier specified that he would participate in actions that will begin on April 29th at 13:30 in Lvov at Shevchenkovsky Gai. And at 16:00 in the center of Lvov, near Shevchenko’s monument, it will be possible to take a selfie with the current president.

When gazing upon these photos a question: have you ever seen anything more disgusting in your entire life? Ukrainian soldiers were used like cannon fodder just to add another zero to his bank balance and to initiate the destruction of the Russian nation at the order of Washington. And at the end of the “Euromaidan” phase of the “project”, the predator just stands at the grave of his prey, with crocodile tears in full effect, in order to make the remaining cattle believe that their future massacre is also “for the cause”. At least those who fought in Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo saw firsthand how they were thrown under the bus by their own “commander in chief”, although it’s now too late to reverse the catastrophic consequences of the Maidan junta’s decision in April 2014 to violate the constitution and use the army against its own people.

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To say that the war in Donbass has been a senseless waste of life is to say nothing at all. This serves as yet another reminder that an “independent” Ukraine cannot exist in principle, since a “state” built on oligarchical pillaging and subservience to external, Western actors is not actually a state, but a vassal. If this isn’t a lucid example of what is really meant by “democracy” and “freedom”, then I do not know what is.

Whilst it is a very difficult to swallow the likelihood that Petro Poroshenko will escape judicial punishment for what he has done, it can be said with certainty that the ghosts of those whose lives he prematurely ended will pursue him for the rest of his days.

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