Poroshenko’s Empire May Be Replenished With a New Diamond

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Sergey Leshchenko [the best friend of Mustafa Nayyem; it should be noted that he is just as corrupt as Poroshenko and also craves power – ed] on the air of the “Channel 24” news channel gave the last gossip concerning Poroshenko and his appetites for the Ukrainian daughter of “Sberbank of Russia”.

According to Leshchenko, evil tongues were his sources.

“It appears that Petro Poroshenko wanted to become the co-owner of the Russian Sberbank in Ukraine. At first he discussed an exchange for the Lipetsk factory, now Khoroshkovsky hinted that a bank with 700 million in liquid assets is hard to come by.

And if Gutseriev was refused, they can refuse him too. But they can also not refuse – if he will give the President some shares. After all, the passcode for the boom barrier – i.e. permission from the National Bank – is in Poroshenko’s hands,” wrote the deputy in his blog.

So, according to Leshchenko, the business empire of Petro Poroshenko can be replenished with a new diamond. The Ukrainian President can become the co-owner of the Ukrainian daughter of Russian “Sberbank”, which is now up for sale.

The people’s deputy spoke about this on the air of the “Honest Policy” program. The deputy noted that Russian “Sberbank” already since the beginning of the ATO looks for ways to offload the Ukrainian subsidiary. In March, 2017, the Russian businessmen Grigory Guselnikov and Saïd Gutseriev put his name in the hat, however the National Bank of Ukraine didn’t permit them to purchase the Ukrainian asset of “Sberbank of Russia”. Leshchenko says that, according to sources, it is precisely the Presidential Administration that recommended the National Bank of Ukraine to block the agreement.

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The reason is that in the Presidential Administration there is another candidate for the role of the owner of “Sberbank” – Petro Poroshenko. Of course, directly Poroshenko is forbidden from being engaged in business, said the deputy. That’s why his participation must be issued to a partner.

Several unnamed sources of the journalist Leshchenko said that Poroshenko has long dreamed of expanding his holdings in the banking sector. Today the President of Ukraine possesses shares of the “International investment Bank”, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of Poroshenko’s corporation that is officially known.

Poroshenko’s bank in 9 months of this year increased it’s net profit by 2.5 times — to 78 million hryvnia. However, the huge shadow income that is acquired by the ruling clan requires legalisation, and the daughter of Russian “Sberbank”, according to the sources of the deputy, becomes a favorable place for such an operation.

“By purchasing a bank, you become the owner of a universal machine to hide the traces of the origin of doubtful means,” claims Leshchenko.

The deputy notes that “Sberbank of Russia” in itself is a very favorable asset. In it there are liquid assets totalling more than $700 million. They serve entire networks of gas stations, oil depots, and so on.

Respectively, having paid 200 million for the purchase, it is possible to gain access to much bigger assets. I.e., on a level ground, the President will be able to increase his fortune manyfold.

According to Leshchenko’s sources, at first there was another plan: Poroshenko wanted to exchange the Ukrainian daughter of “Sberbank” for the Lipetsk factory that he promised to close, but failed to do so.

“Now negotiations for the acquisition of ‘Sberbank’ are conducted with Khoroshkovsky. But Poroshenko’s habit of receiving profit from any business processes didn’t allow him to pass up on this story,” said the deputy.

As a reminder, on April 10th the National bank of Ukraine received documents for the sale of the Ukrainian “daughter” of Russian “Sberbank”. Sberbank of Russia reported about the sale of its Ukrainian “daughter” after radicals attacked the branches of the bank in Kiev, Odessa, and Kharkov.

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