Poroshenko’s Era of Fear: Law Enforcement Will Not Protect the Authorities

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Yesterday’s protests outside the Verkhovna Rada showed that President Poroshenko already shouldn’t rely on security officers. This was stated by the former speaker of the SBU and the adviser to the Interior Minister of Ukraine Stanislav Rechinsky on his Facebook page.

“I think that for Poroshenko as of today the era of his personal fear has begun, which will end only with the termination of his political life and, perhaps, emigration. Because the most important thing was how law enforcement reacted to the protesters. They practically didn’t react at all. Everything has changed. Even if there will be an order, which I very much doubt, then there will be no persons interested in setting themselves up, be it for the chocolate one [Poroshenko – ed] or for someone else. There aren’t those ‘elite dogs’ of Yanukovych anymore, ready to beat and kill for advantages and status. The Deputies of the BPP (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko) should think about their future. Their inviolability came to an end long ago. However, on the example of Bereza, it’s finished also for PF (People’s Front). Or maybe even for all the deputy corps”.

The former speaker of the SBU is sure that for most deputies of the Rada it is now better not to go out without protection.

“The events today are useful for Poroshenko. Judging by his turns of speech like ‘my army’, ‘my plan’, ‘I, I, I ….’ — he developed a Messiah complex. And I hope that today’s events will destroy this complex. It will serve as a reminder that the ‘tsar’ was chosen not by love or respect, but by necessity. Because it was necessary to quickly elect someone for fully-fledged statehood — nothing more. It is just a fictitious marriage and there is no need to fantasise. It’s better to leave in time, and quietly,” summarizes Rechinsky.

At the same time in the Ukrainian media and on social networks there is information that People’s Deputies took away their relatives from Ukraine through tunnels, “like rats”, and the house of the President is protected by the entire army. Also, members of the Kiev AutoMaidan arrived overnight to the residence of the President of Ukraine. They openly threaten to sweep away the “army” that protects the “carcass”.

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“The candy has already ripened!” wrote the head of AutoMaidan Sergey Koba on social networks, hinting at Poroshenko.

“It is known that many People’s Deputies and officials from Poroshenko’s gang beforehand took away their families from Kiev, knowing that on October 17th the real Maidan will begin, and that the goat will be removed after all. It is also known that so-called People’s Deputies move under strengthened protection and through tunnels, like real rats, being afraid of punishment from the people,” reported “activists” from outside the walls of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

This data was confirmed by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Nadezhda Savchenko on the air of one of the TV channels.

It is interesting that today “patriots” from the new Maidan write that even in 2013 Deputies from the Party of Regions didn’t behave as cowardly as the present Ukrainian elite.

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