Poroshenko’s Falsification “Carousel” Scheme Was Caught on Camera During Election Day in Bakhmut

A video of the work of a “carousel” group during the presidential election in Bakhmut (Donetsk region, 46th constituency) on March 31st is at the disposal of the Ukrainian “Strana” news agency.

The “carousel” is a method of falsifying elections whereby the same people repeatedly vote at different polling stations.

In the video there are four women and a man. Between visits to stations they changed their clothes for the purpose of secrecy. They appeared at stations No. 140612, 140624, and 140604 (they are all city schools).

At the last station of their escapade they were noticed by observers, who they started to flee from by car. There was a small pursuit, and after that the police were called. The Bakhmut police station is carrying out an investigation under Part 2 of Article 158 (faking and forging electoral documents).

Three of the persons involved in the scheme are in the video. The fourth participant was testifying to the police during this time, and the fifth escaped. Also in the video the car that the “carousel” members used to get from site to site is seen.

“Carousel” members, in a conversation with observers, admitted that they placed a tick next to Poroshenko’s name.

According to one of the violators Nikolay Kalinnikov, they voted at each station without absentee ballots – just showing their passport. I.e., the management of the stations had been warned about a “carousel”group.

It should be noted that in the 46th district the victory was won by the candidate from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Yury Boyko. In second place there was Vladimir Zelensky, and in third place – Petro Poroshenko.

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