Poroshenko’s Gas PR Stunt in Avdeevka Backfired Massively

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



A new scandal has inflamed on the Facebook social network after Poroshenko took part in the symbolic launching of gas along a pipeline from the settlement of Ocheretino in Avdeevka in the Donetsk region. Users on social networks scrutinised the video in which the president of Ukraine politely talks to an inhabitant of Avdeevka.

The camera operator noticed that there is a magnet bearing the Russian flag on a refrigerator in the apartment of residents of Avdeevka. “It is my grandson,” explained the woman when the president asked her about the photo of the boy in a striped vest and passed on his greetings to her husband. On the hat of the grandson it is possible to see the inscription “Pacific fleet”.

It should be noted that during the launch of gas in Avdeevka on August 26th Poroshenko stated that “Russians won’t force us to our knees via gas blackmail any more”.

“The suite makes the king… Judging by his post and video, a pro-Ukrainian family is one that has a flag of Russia on their fridge. Most likely, this is some requirement. And yes, it is indeed holy sh*t…” wrote a perplexed social network user.

As a reminder, on the page of the president Petro Poroshenko on Facebook there is also a post illustrated with scandalous photographic and video content.

“Ukrainian gas finally travels with working pressure along the all the gas networks of Avdeevka and seven settlements. I was personally convinced of this, having visited one of Avdeevka’s apartments. Fantastic people live there, real Ukrainians who, despite the aspirations of the Russian aggressors to doom people to freezing to death, refused voluntary evacuation,” wrote Poroshenko.

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