Poroshenko’s Militants, Nationalists Held a Rally Against Zelensky

About 1,000 people gathered on Independence Square in the center of Kiev for a rally against the personnel policy of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his approaches to the settlement of the conflict in Donbass. According to the correspondent of TASS from the place of the event, the organisers of the political action were two dozen associations, including nationalists from Svoboda and National Corpus.

The event was dedicated to the first anniversary of Zelensky’s presidency and was called “Stop Revenge”. From the stage that the organisers installed in the center of the Ukrainian capital, most of its participants accused the head of state of pursuing an unsatisfactory personnel policy, and in particular demanded the resignation of the head of the Presidential Office Andrey Ermak. In addition, they sought to refuse to implement the political part of the Minsk Agreements.

After the rally on Independence Square, the participants of the action on Institutskaya Street went to the governmental quarter, to the office building of the President, where they put posters on the fence bearing demands to the head of state. One of them features a warning to Zelensky “to prepare for the 111th article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine”, implying responsibility for state treason.

The main theme of the dissatisfaction was the allegedly pro-Russia policy of the Head of the Presidential Office Andrey Ermak and the resulting “revenge”.

This allowed not only frank Poroshenko bots – “Sprava Gromad” and “DemSokira” – to attach themselves to the campaign, but also classical nationalists: “Svoboda” and “National Corpus”. They openly urged Zelensky “not to become a participant in the internal scandal in the United States”. I.e., not to investigate the case of Biden tapes, in which the former president trading Ukrainian sovereignty, selling the position of Prosecutor General for $1 billion from the IMF.

In general, it is clear that the “revenge-maidan” was also a response to the dangerous-for-Poroshenko story with the leak of his conversations with Biden. But taken more broadly, the parties have joined the race of the local elections that are to be held in October.

“In autumn we should be united, like a fist,” said from the stage about the purpose of the action famous powder robot Vitaly Gaidukevich.

It is precisely the upcoming elections that can explain this exchange of blows – including new cases against Poroshenko, although it’s not a fact that matters will reach a suspicion being issued, as no proceedings initiated against the former guarantor have bore any fruit.

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