Poroshenko’s Party Stated How Long It Will Take to Wean Ukrainians off Celebrating Victory Day

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” Vadim Denisenko stated that Ukrainians can be weaned off celebrating May 9th in approximately five years. He made the corresponding statement during a broadcast on the ZIK TV channel devoted to decommunization.

“Why is it necessary to celebrate May 9th, but not May 8th? … Now, here, when people are asked what happened on November 7th, I think that at least half the people will think about it. Because we haven’t celebrated it for already 15 years … As soon as we take it out of symbolical context — five-six years, and then everyone forgets,” stated Denisenko.


He promised that his party will strive to cancel the celebration of Victory Day. The main thing is that this policy must be passed silently.

Earlier, in Kharkov, it was reported that vandals smashed up a mass grave of soldiers who died in World War II and the tomb of the Soviet marshal Yury Bazhanov, under whose command in 1941 the first unit armed with the multiple-rocket Katyusha systems was created. Among other things, the vandals stole a star from the Eternal flame.

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