Poroshenko’s Party Unveiled a Plan for the Destruction of May 9th in 2018

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Vadim Denisenko, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Bloc of Poroshenko, unveiled a plan of the fight against the mass coming out of residents of Ukraine to demonstrations in honor of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War on May 9th.

Denisenko proposes a strategy of the further befuddling of youth via Ukrainian nazi propaganda, and also outlines a plan on how to nullify the difficult-for-counterpropaganda “Immortal Regiment”.

In addition, Denisenko announced the demonstrative arrests of citizens, to the disturbing Ukrainian nazis to break celebration of the Victory Day on May 9, 2017.

“May 9th next year, which it is necessary to think about already now.

According to sociology, only a half of the population completely cut away from the Russian world. A third of the population, anyway, identifies itself with it. And that’s why to speak today only about a failure of Dnieper’s police — it to lie to ourselves and to entertain the story “make guilty only Avakov”. Avakov bears a part of the responsibility, and on him it now depends if titushki from Dnieper will be jailed. Also this is one of the cornerstones of the correction of our mistakes. But this is only one part of this history.

Our task for the next year — to tear away from the Russian world 7-8% of young people who are now standing at the crossroads. We shouldn’t groom those who are already 50+. The probability that they will change is not very big. We need to fight for youth and the middle generation.

So, what is necessary to do?

1. There is a need to start writing our history of World War II. And for this history we have to create already now an information field full of true stories about desertion, treachery, rape, the role of the US and Britain. And obligatory about the heroism of Ukrainians — because without it there wouldn’t anything.

2. A few years ago Israel started celebrating May 9th. The concept of this celebration — we fight for our independence here and now. Our grandfathers fought against fascists, but we fight for us. We need to spend this year under this exact slogan — simply to unite these two wars in the present.

3. The action Immortal Regiment is very difficult for counter-propaganda. It’s very difficult to informationally outdo it, it is much easier to spearhead it. Heroes don’t die — here is our alternative. But this action must start from September 1st at each school. And May 8th must be the culmination, when school students in the uniform of our army must hold parades. At this time, many people in Ukraine consider that the transfer of the holiday from May 9th to May 8th will automatically remove a mass of questions. It, unfortunately, isn’t like that, because if someone wants to come out with a red flag, he will also do it on May 8th.

All the rest — are adjoining things that will be easy to incorporate into this campaign, which we have to carry out so that a year later May 9th passes much more quietly.

But there is a need to remember one more thing — we are fighting for the future, and not to mourn once again. All of this campaign must be optimistic and uplifting. Only then will it be trusted,” wrote Denisenko on his blog.

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