Poroshenko’s Revenge: 73-Year-Old “Union of Leftists” Deputy Arrested For “High Treason”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga

One more arrest. After all, political arrests in Ukraine became to such an extent an ordinary and usual thing that means of mass information already don’t pay attention to such “trifles”. Why bother if tomorrow somebody else will be arrested? Well, do they need to write every day that in Ukraine political repressions became the rule and norm?! And what will “progressive mankind” think, in this case?

Yesterday Ivan Nikolaevich Bondarchuk was arrested. My Deputy, head of the Vinnytsia regional organization “Union of Leftists”, member of the political union “Union of Leftists”.

73-year-old Ivan Nikolaevich was arrested for “high treason”. He is accused of preparing a protest action against the President Poroshenko. Ivan Nikolaevich is threatened with fifteen years in prison.

Ivan Nikolaevich is one of the most honest and decent people who I have ever met in my life. This person is infinitely in love with Ukraine and, especially strongly, with his Vinnytsia region. As Ivan Nikolaevich often joked: “How is it possible that the grave-diggers of Ukraine – Poroshenko and Groisman – originate from the city that I lived and worked in all my life”. Today both of these “figures”, each of which is personally familiar with Ivan Nikolaevich, personally conduct a direct reprisal over him.

What is this in reality? This is revenge for May 9th. Today they will revenge all who organized an “Immortal Regiment”, all who came out on May 9th with portraits of their ancestor-liberators. At that time, on May 9th, they simply weren’t able to stage a blood bath. They very much wanted to, but couldn’t. There was Eurovision. It wasn’t comme il faut. And now it is possible. Now everything is on the cards.

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P.S. yesterday they threw a Molotov cocktail into the office of the “Union of Leftists” in Melitopol. Today everything is possible for them.

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