Poroshenko’s Revenge: “Azov” Militants Were Added to the “Mirotvorets” Database

UPDATE 10/03/19: Two more Nazis were added to the database – Ivan Khizhnyak and Igor Zaychuk:

The implosion of the Banderist regime in Kiev continues unabated and each time becomes even more of a parody. In the latest news vis-a-vis nationalists attacking a meeting of the president Petro Poroshenko in Cherkassy and forcing him to flee, the head of the Cherkassy regional branch of theNational Corpus(a spin-off of the “Azov” battalion) Nazi formation Dmitry Kukharchuk was added to the database of the scandalous Mirotvorets website.

For the attention of law enforcement officers. This person organised a custom-ordered provocation that resulted in 15 of your colleagues being injured in Cherkassy. He is aggressive and socially dangerous. He may possess unregistered firearms. We report this as a warning

On the website the personal data of Dmitry Kukharchuk and the address of his residence in Cherkassy are also specified. He is described as: “Provoker. The organiser of custom-ordered and paid meetings and processions accompanied by nationalist slogans”.

What does this mean? It means that we now finally see how “Mirotvorets” has all along been a tool of Poroshenko for the suppression of those who oppose him in any way. Lots of material about the main “Poroshenko bot” Miroslav Oleshko can be found here. This appears to be an attempt to counter the attempts of the “Azov” leader Andrey Biletsky and his master, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, to nip Poroshenko’s re-election campaign in the bud, although it’s difficult to imagine a website being able to physically restrain “National Corpus” Nazis.

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As an added layer of comedy, Avakov’s police detained Dmitry Kukharchuk and fellow militant Evgeny Sidorov (seen below) after the incident in Cherkassy in order to mask the fact that the Interior Minister is in bed with Banderist militants. They will most likely be used as sacrificial pawns in the grand plan to derail Poroshenko.

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