Poroshenko’s Search for Rada Deputies With “Russian Ties” Should Start with Himself

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin have relatives in Russia. The spouse of the eldest son of the president of Ukraine Aleksey Poroshenko – Yuliya – is a native of Russia and had Russian citizenship before her surname changed. In addition, Yuliya’s aunt and uncle live in Crimea and participated in the referendum vote for accession to Russia.

Klimkin also has relatives in Russia. In 2015 he married for the second time Marina Mikhaylenko, who works in Administration of the President of Ukraine. As it became known, she is the daughter of the retired Soviet Major General Yury Vasilyevich Mikhaylenko, who in 2014 was awarded with the medal “For Returning Crimea” and now lives on the peninsula.

In addition, it was succeeded to find information about the relatives of other high-ranking Ukrainian officials.

Earlier, Poroshenko tasked the SBU with checking to see if any state servants of Ukraine have relatives with Russian citizenship and also threatened to expose violators with serious consequences – up to dismissal.

The political scientist, candidate of historical science, and research supervisor of the Center for Ethnic and International Research Anton Bredikhin on the air of Radio Sputnik expressed his surprise at Poroshenko’s order to search for Ukrainian officials with Russian relatives.

“Practically every Ukrainian living in Central or in Eastern Ukraine will most likely have relatives in Russia, and Petro Poroshenko is no exception. He in general has also been very closely connected to Russia for a long time – but, unlike most Ukrainians, he not only has family ties, but also business ones. He, as is known, had assets in the Russian Federation, and they remain there even now. It is precisely for this reason that his son is included in the Russian sanctions list. Petro Poroshenko was not included because of his position there. And the fact that Poroshenko, having succumbed to the current nationalist Kiev mainstream, suddenly started to try to discover Russian relatives among Ukrainian officials – this can only demonstrate that he suddenly forgot about real life and about who he is”

said Anton Bredikhin

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