Poroshenko’s TV Channel Broadcasted Fake News About the UAF Capturing “Zolotoye-4” in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




On September 22nd “Channel 5” belonging to Petro Poroshenko started a fake about the capture of a settlement in the gray zone of Donbass between the positions of the UAF and defenders of the LPR.

The corresponding program shows the flag of Ukraine being raised, the anthem being sung, and grateful local residents.

“The enemy was deprived of the possibility to impudently open fire at our positions near the settlement Zolotoye-4,” reported the press service of the “Operation of United Forces“.

The press service of the People’s militia of the LPR spread a presentation that exposes the lie of Ukrainian propaganda.

As it turns out, the settlement from a military point of view isn’t of any interest since it is in the lowland, and the dominating heights are controlled by defenders of Donbass.

Locals confirmed that the other day in the settlement there indeed were people without identification marks who forced passers-by to shout “Glory to Ukraine” to a camera.

The authors of the “Inside Donetsk” Telegram channel confirmed that capturing the settlement would indeed be recklessness for the UAF, since the settlement is “kind of in a hole”.

“One doesn’t need to be a genius to guess that conducting combat whilst being in a hole has mediocre prospects, to put it mildly. Well, at least because a high up enemy sees any of your gestures. If a clash is instigated there, nothing heavier than small arms will be needed to calm all this 74th reconnaissance battalion of the UAF, this is obvious anyway,” it is said in the comment.

It is possible to come to a similar conclusion also by watching the program of “Channel 5”, where a local resident says: “Well you see where we are? In a hole! Between two armies”.

Moreover, the attentive war correspondent Aleksandr Kots noted that this is already the second Ukrainian report in 2018 alone about the “liberation” of this farm.

“Indeed, ukrops have ‘liberated’ Zolotoye-4 in the Lugansk region for the second time in the last 3.5 months. This won’t be the last such case before elections,” wrote the journalist.

In general, there is the unanimous opinion that Poroshenko’s team has presented a grandiose pre-election circus for his electorate.

“This is more similar to cheap pre-election PR than to an army operation that was ‘planned long ago’, because there are no benefits from occupying this farm,” commented “Inside Donetsk”.

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