Poroshenko’s Ukraine Didn’t Need Alive “Cyborgs”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard 



Irina Laschkevich – Odessan journalist in Donbass


Yesterday on Ukrainian TV they spoke about the two-year anniversary of “retreating of the Ukrainian military from the airport”. So. It was not a retreat, but a total rout of UAF at the airport. Militias, before the offensive, gave soldiers of the UAF an opportunity to leave, to survive, but the command of Ukraine decided on another way. Soldiers were thrown into the “meat grinder”, understanding perfectly that only a few soldiers will survive. UAF soldiers were ordered to hold on for 4 hours, help will come. The help didn’t come, they held for 24 hours. Soldiers didn’t know that the project  had been closed, that Ukraine didn’t need alive “cyborgs”.

At that time I wrote on Facebook – withdraw soldiers, they will be rolled in concrete! Bullshitter Mochanov (Ukrainian media personality, blogger, and former ATO volunteer Aleksey Mochanov – ed) – “don’t believe the storyteller Lashkevich. I called the guys, everything is normal there, the airport won’t be handed over, all is under control.”

The following day I found “cyborgs” in hospital. Only a few survived. Almost all had no hands or legs. The consequences of artillery work and minus 20-degree frost. The wounded were being found over several days. Severe frostbites, wounds, which is why there were a lot of amputations. At that time Donetsk was practically starving. I wrote to Mochanov – “your ‘cyborgs’ are in hospital and need help”. He didn’t answer. “Cyborgs” laid in hospital for another week, while Mochanov wrote – “our guys keep their positions, don’t trust Lashkevich”. I showed to “cyborgs” news bulletins from Ukraine, they were shocked by the horrific lie in Ukrainian media.

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… And then everything reduced to silence…  The words “cyborg” and “airport” disappeared from the Ukrainian airwaves… The Ukrainian guys were in the Donetsk hospital, who provided them with medical care, they were fed, given the chance to call their relatives. My phone was exploding from calls of mothers of soldiers. All of them tried to find their husband, brother, son. The Ukrainian authorities didn’t take part in searches. People were left alone with their grief. Cyborgs were betrayed, sacrificed.

Ukraine continues to lie to its citizens. Officials use war for personal enrichment. There will come a time when not to tell the truth will be equal to death. Widows and mothers will begin to sob and swear, understanding the absurdity of this war.

There will come a time, I told you! And I warned you! I will gloat over it. I saw so many deaths of old men, children, women that I will not be able anymore to react to this in a kind way without gloating. At the present time I think exactly in this way.

And it wasn’t an exit, but a total rout. In fragments, in molecules, with hundreds of dead.

P.S. During the “fashionable exit” I lived two kilometers from the airport. The airport was visible from the window. The land was rumbling and burning, my house was shaking like a poplar tree, and at this time the bald muzzle of Mochanov wrote – “don’t believe Lashkevich…” Probably, it was more visible to him from Kiev than it was for me from the window. Cyborgs were smoothly rolled in concrete….

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