Poroshenko’s Uncategorizable Hypocrisy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Do you want to know what is hypocrisy at its maximum? Or maybe even not, uncategorizable hypocrisy?

It is when today’s openly Nazi regime in Kiev, praising the “heroes” of OUN-UPA, organise a tearful celebration of the anniversary of the mass murder at Babi Yar.

It is difficult to imagine something more hypocritical. They can be compared only to their American masters, who at first created ISIS, and after with snot and crocodile tears talk about dead Syrian children, who died as a result of the actions of ISIS and US air strikes.

It is comparable only to the United States, which first destroyed almost 6.5 million Vietnamese (including over a million children), and then dared to call Russia an “outlaw state”.

By the way, regarding children. Poroshenko on the celebration of the anniversary of Babi Yar (yes, indeed, a celebration, because the Bandera Nazis’ mass murder of Jews, Roma, Poles or Russians is festive) told a touching story about a little boy being led to his execution. And he even released a crocodile tear.


This is the same f*****g asshole, slobbering drunk, joyfully boasted not so long ago in Mariupol that “their children will sit in basements”.


I, on this topic, have questions. Is it only the lives of Jewish children that have value? Or doesn’t Nazi Schweinshenko [poroshenko – ed] actually give a sh*t for the lives of any children except his own?

How ridiculously this beast justifies himself. Saying in “every nation has its bad people”. Yes, in every. But Russia does not glorify Vlasov, and France does not honor Vichy and doesn’t demolish monuments to de Gaulle. Ukraine raised the rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators, policemen, and executioners to the level of the national policy.

And in Ukraine the structure of the Third Reich was reproduced exactly, where instead of the Sturmabteilung there is the “volunteer battalion”, instead of the Wehrmacht there is the UAF, instead of the Gestapo (political police), there is the SBU. An atmosphere of terror, brainwashing by propaganda, and squealing was created, where politicians are openly dreaming of concentration camps and the “final solution of the Russian question”.

Or this freaky “Stalin secretly supported the final solution of the Jewish question”. I have a greater basis to affirm that Porky is secretly jealous of Cameron, who has already managed to f**k a dead pig, while Porky hasn’t yet.

To come to power, having trampled the Constitution and then imprisoned and harassed people for “encroaching on constitutional order”; to be voluntary slaves and to talk about independence; to be the aggressor against Donbass, and pretend to be the victim; to kill women and children and while posing as a compassionate and God-fearing Samaritan.

H – hypocrisy. Poroshenko knows all about it.

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