Portrait of Bandera on Kiev City Council Building Causes an Uproar

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The team of Poroshenko actively promotes nationalism. This fact that was long ago proved by the pseudo-patriots themselves quite naturally concerns not only the nearest neighbors, but also Europe, from where this “trend”, in fact, came. And even today some of the most “brainwashed” Ukrainian activists celebrate not the New year but the birthday of a notorious maniac. In every madhouse there is its own holiday, that’s why the international community after three years of Ukrainian flailing rather sluggishly responds to new allegations of Kiev and the worship of pseudo heroes. Everyone is fed up of Ukraine, even with its deadly threat of the revival of fascism. That’s why, perhaps, the portrait of Stepan Bandera on the facade of the Kiev City Council has caused informational hysteria only to “winners of self-dignity” themselves. It is necessary to draw attention to themselves beloved sponsors.

Today, Ukrainian media actively tries to “spin” one of the few irate comments about the new holiday (see below – ed). Russian writer Armen Gasparyan quite naturally criticized the Kiev clowns for the honoring the Nazis and inadvertently became a true Ukrainian hero. Journalists on the leash of Poroshenko lashed out at the critic, and raised a deafening howl, already for the hundredth time in the new year cursing the Russian world, and unexpectedly ran into an angry response of their own compatriots. Ukrainian users of social networks literally spat Bandera’s portrait on the city Council, and cursed their own media. Planned patriotic excitement generated reverse thrust and completely covered the capital. And Gasparyan can now be proud that he woke up at least several thousand Ukrainians and attracted their attention to their own sores. After the miserable congratulations of Poroshenko and the wild dances of the nationalists in honor of their idol maniac, such a wave of righteous anger at least resembles the true purpose of the New year.

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Article from Ukrainian media – dialog.ua

Bandera’s portrait hung on the City Council building caused hysterics from Kremlin puppets: the odious Phillips and “russian-world’s” Gasparyan are in a fiery mood on social networks.

Putin’s adepts terribly disliked the portrait of the leader of OUN-UPA Stepan Bandera that appeared on January 1st on the front of the building of the City Council.  For a number of hours on social networks they, along with their subscribers, caustically comment on this news, expressing their ardent indignation

Russian writer Armen Gasparyan said that with the first day of the New year Nazism came in Ukraine (it is precisely this day that supporters of Bandera celebrate the day of his birth), quipped about the fact that the Kiev Council was occupied.

“Kiev. Today. In the best tradition of occupation. Then, they hung {Hitler the liberator}, wrote Pro-Kremlin writer on his Twitter.

The odious journalist Phillips commented on the appearance of the portrait on Vkontakte, saying that it is because of supporters of Bandera that a few years ago, he moved from Kiev, although he loved it.

I didn’t want to live in a city where this could happen. Mindblowing,” wrote the propagandist on the social network, and showed a photo from one of the processions on the occasion of the birthday of Stepan Bandera, held in the capital a few years ago.

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