“Poseidon” Went Out to Sea: Russia Tests the Perfect Weapon

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In Russia the pilotless nuclear “Status-6” submarine (oceanic multi-purpose weapons system; NATO codename “Kanyon”, Russian Armed Forces codename “Poseidon”) started to be put through testing.

According to a source in the defense industry complex, testing takes place in a sea water area that is reliably protected from any reconnaissance equipment of a probable enemy. Testing involves the underwater operation of the nuclear power system of “Poseidon”.

One of the nuclear submarines of the Navy of the Russian Federation is being used as a carrier of the drone. Development of the device was included in the state weapons program for the next 9 years — up to 2027. According to some information, “Poseidon” must be transferred to the Russian fleet before the expiration date of this program.

In his message on March 1st 2018 the president of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke to the Federal Assembly about this pilotless submarine.

“Pilotless underwater apparatus is being developed in Russia that is capable of traveling at great depths and with an intercontinental range with a speed that many times faster than the speed of submarines, the most modern torpedoes, and all types of surface ships”

explained the Russian leader

The main objective of the apparatus is specified as the firing of nuclear ammunition to the coast of a probable enemy for the purpose of eliminating important coastal elements of the enemy’s economy and causing guaranteed devastating damage to the territory of the country via the creation of extensive zones of radioactive pollution by a tsunami and other destructive consequences of a nuclear explosion. Another possible target of “Poseidon” are the aircraft carrier striking forces of the US.

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According to the latest data, the power of a “Poseidon” military unit totals two megatons in the trotyl equivalent.

This special ammunition is rather enough to destroy large coastal cities and naval bases, and to cause a nuclear tsunami. In addition, a military unit with such power will destroy any aircraft carrier striking force of the Naval Forces of the US on the surface of the sea with ease.

In the report on strategic threats for the US entitled “Nuclear Posture Review” the Pentagon rather quickly officially included “Status-6” in the nuclear triad of Russia, and the Naval Forces of Great Britain started upgrading underwater sensors and anti-submarine aircraft for the purpose of detecting “Poseidon”.

In the foreign press “Status-6” is called a “doomsday” weapon. The Popular Mechanics publication, referencing the book “World Submarines: Covert Shores Recognition Guide”, wrote that “Poseidon” is the largest torpedo ever developed in the world.

The publication recognised that the warhead is rather large to destroy all the fleet of the American aircraft carriers, however there is a question about how “Poseidon” will be able to identify and find a moving group of an enemy. The nuclear pilotless submarine is designed for crossing whole oceans before starting launching warheads at an enemy’s coast, it is said in the material.

The authors also noted that the newest underwater drone of Russia can gather a speed of up to 70 knots, which is more than 128 km/h in the land equal. “Popular Mechanics” notes that this speed surpasses American submarines with a nuclear reactor and America’s anti-ship self-directed torpedoes.

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The retired captain of first rank at the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov explains that “Status-6” can destroy not only coastal cities, but also the entire North American continent.

“Concerning the Status-6 system and a bomb of an especially big caliber. It can be used for causing physical-geological consequences that are capable of then causing extensive damage. If the blow is struck by a such bomb near the faults in San Andreas, San Bernardino, and San Jacinto, then they can initiate volcanic activity along the faults”

assures the analyst

According to him, such a blow would cause the western coast of the US to be physically lost.

“It can also cause the super-volcano in Yellowstone to explode. It will lead to the destruction of the North American continent. The continent itself will remain, but there won’t be any more life. Yes, “Status-6” is a doomsday weapon. Its use will mean that the North American continent together with all the life on it will disappear”

said the expert

The member of the Expert Council of the Board of the military-industrial Commission Viktor Murakhovsky also deemed the intention of the West to try to resist “Poseidon” to be fantastic.

“In the years of the ‘cold war’ they unsuccessfully tried to build a system of such motion sensors for the purpose of preventing Soviet submarines of the Northern Fleet from entering the Atlantic Ocean. But in modern conditions this in general is fantasy. The media can say what it wants, but in practice it is unrealisable”

concluded the analyst


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Russia, your sleep is well guarded. The Yanks need to have a think…

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