Possible Details of Russia & Israel Negotiations Over Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson




Whilst it is always preferable to wait until more official confirmation is published, it should be noted that much of what is going on in Syria is in fact agreed between behind closed doors. Thus, the following translation is provided with the aim of stimulating discussion about realism and possible concessions that Moscow had to make in order to ensure the liberation of Aleppo and other strategic nodes (Tartus). The information below may  be inaccurate, but it can be said with certainty that Putin and Netanyahu have some agreement in place concerning the future of Syria. This will most likely concern the Golan Heights.

Bloggers have learned about Putin and Netanyahu’s confidential agreement on Syria

According to unnamed sources in Moscow and Tel Aviv, Russia and Israel concluded a confidential agreement on Syria; the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu took part in negotiations.

Authors of the blog bmpd, appearing under the auspices of the Center of Analysis of Strategy and Technologies, with reference to the article “Les dessous de l’accord secret dans le ciel syrien” published in the French website Intelligence Online, reported that in March, 2016, a confidential agreement between Russia and Israel was allegedly discussed.

According to the authors of article, from the Russian side negotiations were conducted by the president Vladimir Putin and the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu, and from Israel – the president Reuven Rivlin, the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force Amir Eshel.

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According to the website’s sources, an agreement in which Israel allegedly had an opportunity to prevent arms supplies, in particular guided missiles and systems of positioning, to Shiite armed groups to Lebanon and the Golan heights, became the result of the negotiations. And Moscow first of all received strict Israeli neutrality in the conflict between Damascus and the Syrian fighters.

According to the authors of the article, following the results of the concluded agreement the Israeli Air Force significantly increased the number of blows on the Syrian territory, generally for the interruption of supply lines of Hezbollah for modern weapons.

As a reminder, in the first half of December the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the military of Israel and Russia coordinate actions with the purpose of avoiding unforeseen conflict in Syria.

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