Post-Trump Syndrome

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


We live in interesting times!

Having just recovered from the shock and having received a more or less clear idea of who is guilty (Putin, the Director of the FBI or the overly active white middle class and white rednecks without a college education) now the most relevant topic becomes a discussion on “what to do?!”

Common sense dictates that in this situation it is best to lay low, to sustain a pause and wait for the first statements of the newly elected President of the United States. However, an affected state is not disposed to adequacy. That’s why just over the past day we have:

1. Obama ordered the Pentagon to remove the witnesses to eliminate the leaders of “al-Nusra” in Syria;

2. Militants in Eastern Aleppo took the initiative to start negotiations on a truce;

3. A draft resolution was sent to the Elysee Palace on the impeachment of Hollande;

4. EU is going to extend sanctions against Russia before the inauguration of Trump;

5. Hysterics of the German Minister of Defense to immediately define the country’s position concerning Russia.

The latter is simply a masterpiece. The wench of the German Department of Defense, having falling under the influence of mass psychosis, began to count on her fingers in order to show what else, even before entering his position, Trump must do in relation to NATO, Russia, Putin, and Germany. And here there is a desire to recall that people like the newly President-elect of the United States never owed anything to anybody. Secondly, Ms. Ursula seems to have forgotten that her country since 1949 is a colony of the United States of America. Because in 1949, the Germans sold their sovereignty to the Americans, allowing (ATTENTION!) the indefinite presence of US military bases in Germany.

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And one more detail. On the night of 10.11.16 the German Embassy in Afghanistan was attacked by militants from the Taliban. As a result, 4 corpses plus 120 wounded.

A week ago it would have become mainstream. But today it’s a different problem that worries NATO members: the probable loss of funding and support of most military projects, which were in trend in connection with the need to contain the Russian threat.

It is clear that given the pre-election rhetoric of Trump, Europe froze in anticipation of the huge confusion, but…

Gentlemen, pull yourself together! To openly show a sign of your own insolvency and dependence on the United States — from the outside it looks really quite indecent!

It is clear that life on the principle of “every man for himself” is absolutely alien to modern Europe, but everything happens at least once in life.

Of course, to predict the foreign policy of the administration of Trump is difficult. However, it is completely clear that Trump is used to making money, and not pouring it down the drain. He is unlikely to want to pay for European Russophobic fantasies and fears, to sponsor the self-PR of European officials, and to finance other people’s armies.

So come on, guys, remember how you were earning money to live before the era of the great dislike of Russia.

Especially since labour is ennobling.

In short, swap your tanks for factory machines and tractors, and you will be happy.


The staff of the White House could not hide their joy over the election of trump:


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