Poverty Forces Ukrainian ATO Veterans to Sell Their Military Uniform

Translated by Sergey Bardashov



Lack of a decent income forces Ukrainian veterans of the so called Anti-terrorist operation to put on sale their military uniform. An offer appeared on one of the Internet buy and sell sites concerning the sale of a uniform for 1500 hryvnias – the equivalent of 45 euros.

The description in the advert says that “this is an original US marine’s uniform”. The reason for the sale is given – “money much needed”. The author of the offer – the former “Anti Terrorist Operation” participant – notes that the medals are not for sale.

It hasn’t been sold yet… at 1500 hryvnias (45 euros) it will end quickly. And the price for those military “awards” is falling because the Ukrainian regime prefers to award its defenders with useless “medals” instead of creating normal conditions of life.

In the photo (in Ukrainian):
“Uniform for sale, without medals. Original uniform of US marines.
Size 50-52, height 175-185. Condition 4 stars from 5. Reason for sale: money much needed.

Further info by tel number”

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