The Powerlessness and Inferiority of Ukrainian Radicals in Odessa…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Here is what powerlessness and inferiority looks like…

The morning’s “festive” news about one “European” country:

“In Odessa nationalists from Right Sector dismantled a bust of the Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. This was stated on the blog of the leader of the Odessa Right Sector Sergey Sternenko.

Sternenko, on his page on the social network, “puts on an act” that, allegedly, he does not know who is responsible for the act of vandalism.

‘Unknown patriots in Odessa celebrated Independence Day well. Details later. Good holiday,’ he added to a photo of the broken bust.”

The ancient nature of Ukrainian “knights” in all its beauty. They can’t even open a children’s playground for a holiday. The best they can do is vandalism. And as there aren’t any more monuments of Lenin, they decided to have an ego-trip at the expense of the Marshall of Victory.

The maggot of the lowest echelon Sternenko decided to raise his equity in the Ukrainian cabinet of curiosities. Probably, he expects an award and a transfer to the capital.

However, his primitive motives and actions clearly demonstrate this same Ukrainianness that Crimea disowned and Donbass tries to fence itself off from. Because the Russian person at the genetic level doesn’t accept such bestiality. But there is something that the inhabitants of this “pesthouse” will never understand.

It is possible to win against a monument, but their own bastardness — never. And this is their scourge, which they have live with until the end of their worthless and insignificant days!

Alla Kalinina: “It should be a holiday!!”

Misko Rupor: “Here I understand that it is a gift for the holiday. Thanks for the good mood.”

Volodimir Levchenko: “God and Ukraine! Above all!”

Palitsya Vasil: “Thank you!!!”

Rejoice, filth! It is more hell for you! Let you, at last, burst and all this pus that you accumulated for so long inside yourself splatter all over this country. Choke on your putrid “dignity” – let it climb into you from all crevices!

And, at last, for every “it’s none of my business” it will become clear for every wasters how they surrendered themselves and the country without a fight…

The monument doesn’t feel pain. But it will be painful for you when these maggots in the same way will begin to crack open your heads, push your bodies into the trunk of a car, and brag about the results of their activity in all media platforms, presenting it as a feat made for the glory of Ukraine…

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