PR for the SS “Galicia” and Hitler Existed in Western Ukraine Already Before Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the website of the city of Drogobych in the Lvov region the announcement of a parade in honor of volunteers from the SS Galicia has been present already since 2013 – text citing Hitler’s statements concerning the fight for the right to exist is placed on a picture that features the Fuhrer against the background of the emblem of this division.

So tell me again that the glorification of SS Galicia has nothing in common with the Nazi Germany that was headed by Adolf Hitler…

I’m interested in what the SBU and the politicians of Kiev think about this. After all, officially the ban on demonstrations of Nazism is still in effect in Ukraine, while the post appeared on the official website of the city.

Of course, as is well-known, there isn’t any fascism in Ukraine.

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