Presence of Canadian Military “Instructors” Officially Legalized Across All of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Canadian military instructors received official permission to give classes in any area of the country, except the border with the Russian Federation and the “ATO” zone [maybe on paper, but behind the curtain the deployment of Canadian troops to the frontline in Donbass has been an open secret for a long time – ed].

The head of the Canadian military training mission in Ukraine UNIFIER Mark Lubiniecki [who fought in Afghanistan in 2004, i.e. a war criminal – ed] reported this in an interview to the “Ukrinform” agency.

“After the decision of the Canadian government on the extension of UNIFIER for two more years, we received much more flexibility. Now we are authorized to work across all of Ukraine, except the Ukrainian-Russian border and the zone of carrying out the anti-terrorist operation. This gives us the chance to adapt much better to inquiries concerning training arriving from the Ukrainian General Staff,” said Lubiniecki.

He noted that Canadians try to conduct courses in different Ukrainian educational platforms.

“We try to ‘export’ the teaching that we carry out in the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre in Starichy [Lvov – ed], to other places, including through mobile groups. Also we seek to secure constant mentors at training centers and academies,” he noted.

According to him, Canadian instructors already work in the training center of tactical medicine of the UAF opened last month in the Chernigov region.

“This is great initiative and our task force has already sent there three consultants, who will help with the development of the training program,” explained Lubiniecki.

At the beginning of March the government of Canada announced its decision to extend for two more years, until March 31st, 2019, the military training mission in Ukraine UNIFIER. Within the framework of this mission about 200 Canadian military instructors from last year carry out classes with the Ukrainian military personnel. At the same time during the first stage of the work of the mission, which ended in March of this year, the mandate didn’t allow the Canadian military personnel to operate out of the two defined training centers.

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