Pro-Kiev Journalist Gordon’s Plan to Save Ukraine – Become a Colony of the United States

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Only external management from the US can save Ukraine. Such an opinion was voiced by the journalist Dmitry Gordon on the air of the “Prime Evening” program of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to Gordon, the residents of Ukraine go into politics just to earn money, and not to bring happiness to their country. He emphasized that there are very clever people in power, but they have no moral foundations. “I sometimes think about how to break this vicious circle, and today I have only one way out. Once again, I will say it now, and many will start to spit — only external management, but not European, because Europe has problems up to its throat,” he said.

“Only American external management, I don’t see any other way. We can’t sort it out ourselves, we can’t,” added the expert.

He added that the majority of resonant murders in the country have no Russian trace. “When I see these murders, I absolutely understand that there are no ideological problems and there is no Russian trace, no matter how much we want to push it forward,” said Gordon.

The journalist emphasized that he doesn’t know if there are people who don’t like Russia more than he does. “But I don’t like injustice. I don’t like it when there is infighting for monetary reasons, and then it’s said that it’s the Russian trace, this is Putin, Russians, terrorist groups, and so on. All murders — well, minus 0.1%… I am ready to admit something… all murders of politicians in Ukraine are committed because of money, and it is necessary to speak about it, and not to talk about the Russian trace, moreover, an hour immediately after the murder,”  he stated.

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At the end of October the US Ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch reported that for the last three years Washington provided to Kiev military aid for the sum of $750 million.

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