Pro-Maidan People’s Deputy Called the Medical Reform “The Planned Genocide of Ukrainians”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The medical reform that is under consideration in the Verkhovna Rada is “a sinister experiment with Ukrainians”. This was stated on Facebook on September 15th by the successful businesswoman in the field of medicine, coordinator of the medical service of Euromaidan, head of the parliamentary committee on healthcare issues, and the People’s Deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Olga Bogomolets.

According to her, millions of Ukrainians in the near future “may be left without highly specialized medical care”.

“In the event parliament adopts the anti-Ukrainian bill, which is loudly called ‘medical reform’, chronically and seriously ill people will be cynically deprived of the possibility for free entrance and treatment in specialized hospitals, which at least partially was provided by the State,” claims Bogomolets.

The People’s Deputy notes that after the introduction of medical reform “it will be necessary to wait for months for a consultation with experts or to wait whilst already in the intensive care unit – precisely there, where, according to the new rules, the State will be obliged to provide free assistance”.

“This is the cynical and planned genocide of Ukrainians, who they want to force to sell their last property in order not to die and prolong their lives and the lives of their children,” stressed Bogomolets.

The Euromaidanist promised to continue “to fight to prevent the adoption of this anti-Ukrainian bill”.

“The State should provide free treatment to all citizens irrespective of whether they have money or not. Otherwise, it isn’t a State!” she said.

The People’s Deputy also said “the present reform bills No. 2409 and No. 7065 – State guarantees and the introduction of obligatory medical insurance – are in the Verkhovna Rada”.

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