Pro-NATO Colonel, Maidan Leaders Helped Hide Guns Used to Kill “Heaven’s Hundred”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The revolution continues to devour its children. The investigation of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine under the leadership of Yuri Lutsenko has led to quite unexpected results in investigating the shooting of the “Heaven’s hundred” on Maidan.

A little thread that was pulled by the drinking partner of the guarantor, was suddenly brought not to the “vatniks” [Ukrainian pejorative word for pro-Russians – ed], but to the leaders of Automaidan. I recall that the other day the General Prosecutor’s office accused the activists of the organization “Nobody But Us”, of helping “Berkut” to leave the Maidan and destroy the guns that allegedly the “Heaven’s hundred’s revolutionaries” were shot with.

However, “Afghans” [ex-participants in the Soviet-Afghan war – ed], who the General Prosecutor’s Office tried to hold accountable for the Maidan shootings, opposed such a scenario. In the beginning, the “suspects” said that the real killers of the “Heaven’s Hundred” are sitting in Parliament, and after they named their names. Alexander Kovalev, head of the organization of former Afghan-soldiers “Nobody But Us”, said that during the revolution of “Dignity”, Ukrainian politician and ex-Minister of Defence Anatoly Gritsenko helped the militiamen of “Berkut” to leave Kiev.

By the way, Colonel Gritsenko is not only the husband of the editor of the pro-American agency “Mirror of the Week”, but also is “US-Ukrainian Janissary” (as he calls himself). After studying in the United States – Gritsenko studied at the Military Institute of foreign languages at the US Department of Defense in San Antonio, Texas, and then at the University of Military air forces of the US in Montgomery – this study made “Colonel” Gritsenko an ardent admirer of the American system of values and lifestyle.

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Later he started to actively introduce it in Ukraine, after being involved in command of orange President Yushchenko: the peak of his career was the post of Minister of Defence of Ukraine. In this post Gritsenko is remembered by his maniacal desire to bring Ukraine into NATO, as well as attempts to transfer the UAF to NATO standards, which resulted in the change of “Soviet” foot wraps for socks of fighting units.

However, his pro-NATO efforts went out the window after the sunset of the career of “beekeeper” Yushchenko: Gritsenko tried unsuccessfully to run for President and deputy, but never succeeded. And then his “banner of struggle” was picked up by his son, who became one of the leaders of Automaidan during the revolution of “dignity”.

And here suddenly it turned out that specifically these pro-American activists helped to hide the guns with which the blood-letting of Maidan was done in order to organize an anti-constitutional coup. Of course, the General Prosecutor’s Office could not immediately point to the family of Gritsenko, but did it with the help of the former Afghan-soldiers, who were also on Maidan.

According to the accused, the head of the organization “Nobody But Us”, he wasn’t the only one who withdrew the fighters of special forces of the Interior Ministry from the capital. Help for “Berkut” was provided by the People’s Deputies, including Colonel Gritsenko. Kovalev expressed his displeasure that the aid to “bloody Berkut” was provided by many, and now the investigation to bring charges to him alone. In order to not remain the scapegoat, one of the leaders of the public organization began to denounce those who considered themselves robustly protected by the revolutionary mandate. As a result, the American footprint is very clearly manifested in the destruction of Maidan’s guns and of shooting of the “Heaven’s Hundred”. If Lutsenko will continue in the same spirit, the nation will find out many more unexpected things about its Maidan’s guides.

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