Pro-West Russian Liberal: Everything Is Lost, the Population Supports Putin, There Won’t Be a Maidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The westernized liberal opposition has no chance at the upcoming Presidential elections in Russia, society is still consolidated by the return of Crimea and is ready to support Vladimir Putin. Russian Maidan activists could look at 2024, but risks are also too high that at this time the population will support the authorities, and not the opposition.

This was stated at the forum “Free Russia” in Vilnius by the economist Vladislav Inozemtsev [fifth column liberal – ed].

“I definitely would not to hope that the economic crisis will lead to serious changes in the regime, or to its falling… I don’t see any indicators that could undermine the foundation’s of the regime in the near future. The post-Crimean syndrome remains,” he said to the correspondent of Politnavigator.

“It seems to me that control is strong, and in 2018 there will be nothing. The plan of today’s regime. which was being developed even at the time of castling, is that Vladimir Vladimirovich comes back for two terms, and a fork emerges, new questions arise after the termination of these two terms, in 2024,” specified the speaker.

He considers that Vladimir Putin will win at the next Russian presidential elections.

“It’s clear that he will win, there will be no unexpected names on the voting list, and as a result we will have a new term, at the end of which there can be the prerequisites for some serious unpredictable events. In the next 5-6 years, even in the conditions of the continuing economic recession, even in the conditions of a decrease in the income of the population, I think that no serious shocks will happen in the country,” specified Inozemtsev.

“I don’t see any prospects for the destabilization of the system before purely theoretically it is in conflict with itself in 2024, when it will be necessary to change something. Either to go for a 5th term, or to proclaim himself the Tsar, or to proclaim a parliamentary republic, or something else. It is there that both elites and society will expect some changes. If by this time something is offered as a socially attractive scenario and program, perhaps, something will change. If there is nothing, then I think nothing can exchange… It is necessary to get rid of the illusion of the speed of change, it is necessary to understand that society hasn’t ripened, and I don’t see in Russian society today the demand for fundamental changes” laments the Russian liberal.

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