Profiting From Decommunization: Lenin Monument in Zaporozhia to be Auctioned Off

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In the city of Zaporozhia, the authorities have figured out how to make money from decommunization. They decided to sell a 20-meter statue of Lenin.

It was reported that the monument to Vladimir Lenin was dismantled about ten months ago. It took workers of urban services about 30 hours to carefully remove the giant figure of the Soviet leader.

Currently the monument to Lenin is being kept outdoors under the strict supervision of the city water utility employees. To protect the precious statue from the overly active decommunization of vandals, it was surrounded by barbed wire.

Meanwhile, in Zaporizhia, the City Council are actively preparing the documents necessary for bidding. Officials hope to collect all the necessary paperwork before the end of the winter, March 1st, in order to hold an auction. The money raised from the sale of the monument to Lenin will go towards the creation of a monument to Ukrainian military personnel killed in Donbass, reports the television channel TSN.

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