Project “Russophobia”

NEW – August 11, 2022

Today in Ukraine, the Russian Dream is fighting techno-tronic fascism

The age of Russophobia is measured in centuries. Since ancient times, the West, before attacking Russia, demonised the Russians. It declared them barbarians, freaks, and subhuman. And then the invasions began: Teutonic knights, Polish Reiters, French Guards, SS troops. The purpose of these invasions is to seize territories, defeat traditional Russian power, and turn Russians into slaves.

However, Russia, having survived the invasions, falling into the abyss of national catastrophes, was revived again, the Easter resurrection took place again, a new imperial Russian state emerged, reaching unprecedented heights.

Today’s Russophobia takes on the character of a project. The project “Russophobia” aims to destroy the deep hidden essence from which Russia rises every time. That hidden grain from which the great imperial harvests are once again beginning to grow. Russia and Russians must be exterminated as a phenomenon. Russians must be erased from world history once and for all. The “Russophobia” project involves the creation of a giant bulldozer that starts from Minsk and Smolensk, moves across Slavic Eurasia and scrapes Russia all the way to the Pacific Ocean. And this desolate wasteland will be sprinkled with sulphur salt, so that not a single blade of grass will grow here.

Modern Russophobic centres are busy searching for the innermost Russian essence, the magic grain of Russian civilisation. These centres consist of military personnel, intelligence officers, economists, social psychologists, propagandists, information attack masters, cultural scientists, religious specialists, occultists, and magicians. They explore Russia in its entirety, prowl the Russian empyreans, plunge into the Russian abyss, and rummage through the corners of Russian culture, trying to find the magic grain. This grain is called the Russian Dream. The Russian Dream is the aspiration of the Russian people for an ideal divine existence, called the Kingdom of Heaven in the language of churches and church sermons.

The codes of Russian destiny lead the people to achieve a high divine ideal. These codes are not listed in a table. They are not carved on tablets. These codes are the innermost knowledge available to the revealed Russian people. A God-revealed Russian ruler, whether a tsar, prince or leader, has innermost knowledge. He is able to awaken Russian codes in such a sequence that they direct Russian history into a powerful creative impulse. Magic codes brought Russia out of all the turmoil and black holes, attracted it to the Russian Dream. They are contained in Russian fairy tales about dead and living water, about immortality. In the teachings of great Orthodox mystics, such as Elder Philotheus, the creator of the theory of Moscow as the Third Rome, and Patriarch Nikon as the builder of the New Jerusalem monastery near Moscow. In the teachings of the Russian cosmists, the grandiose worldview of Nikolay Fyodorov, who promised immortality to mankind. In the treatises and political doctrines of the Bolsheviks, who dreamed of creating an ideal existence on earth, of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

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These codes are precious scattered throughout Russian culture and literature. Therefore, the project “Russophobia” involves the suppression of Russian culture, its eradication, expulsion from the world space, the search in Russian culture for this innermost knowledge, these magical Russian codes and their suppression one by one.

Pushkin is a precious casket that contains magical Russian codes like gems. The hatred of Russophobes is directed at Pushkin. In it, Russophobes guessed the source of the Russian renaissance, Russian spiritual immortality.

Hitler turned to the depths of German paganism, to the dark secrets of Germanism: to the “Gold of the Rhine”, the Nibelungs, Siegfried, valkyries, runes. The Ahnenerbe Secret Society scooped up these deep energies and instilled them in the hearts of the German legions who, with runic lightning bolts in their buttonholes, conquered half of Europe and marched on the Soviet Union.

Stalin in 1937 gave instructions to make Pushkin the most widely read, most popular Soviet poet. Pushkin’s works were published in millions of copies. Pushkin was read in schools, at outposts, and recited in military units. Fairy tales and operas based on Pushkin’s works were staged on the stages of theatres. Pushkin imbued the pre-war Soviet people with his great energies. And in 1941, Pushkin and Ahnenerbe collided on the battlefields.

Pushkin’s goldfish was stronger than the demons of the Rhine. Pushkin’s Evgeny Onegin defeated the gloomy Siegfried. Pushkin, together with Zhukov, came to Berlin, and his hands, along with the hands of Soviet infantrymen, held the pole of the victory banner on the dome of the Reichstag.

The project “Russophobia” is included in another, even more grandiose project — the project “Great Reset”. The West, striving for domination over all mankind, is trying to destroy all the diversity and uniqueness of peoples, their multicolour and sovereignty, to turn humanity into a sticky, grey, one-coloured mass separated from the divine foundations, above which stand super-humans who control the course of history, wiping out unwanted peoples from history, including Russians in the first place.

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In the depths of the “Great Reset” project, a new mysterious world subject is being formed, which is conventionally called “techno-tronic fascism of the 21st century”. We see its birth in Ukraine on the example of Zelensky. Do not constantly laugh at Zelensky, mock him, call him a clown or a buffoon. Let Kukryniksy do it. We, fighting in the “territory of meanings”, will have to unravel Zelensky as a sinister subject.

Zelensky is a retort that merges many solutions, many essences that make up a mysterious boiling cocktail. In Zelensky, who wears embroidery, there is ancient Slavic, pre-Christian paganism with Perun, idols, and gods of the ancient Slavs. It features the German spiritual underground with its magical symbols, which can be seen on the dead bodies of the “Azov” regiment. It contains the pride of primordial Russia with Kiev — the mother of Russian cities. It contains the ultra-liberal ideology of the West with gay parades, an infernal cult of pleasure, show business replacing culture and faith. It contains a mysterious Jewish mysticism, Kabbalistic secrets. And all this phantasmagoric mixture is irradiated with the energies of digital reality, endowed with artificial intelligence, mixed, boiled, generates fantastic unprecedented energies that fascistify the world.

In Ukraine, on the Khreshchatyk, this fantastic sinister subject was born, called techno-tronic fascism of the 21st century. From the Ukrainian laboratory where it was synthesised, it was transferred to the world. Poland is being fascistified before our eyes. Germany is being fascistified, where the descendants of the SS came to power. And European democracies, weakened by tolerance and unable to produce leaders, are steadily turning into national totalitarian states. Zelenskys will appear in France, Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia.

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America is being fascistified. America’s new fascism is not the Ku Klux Klan, white chauvinism, or an extravagant, violent Trump. These are Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden, black racism, left-wing extremism, a eugenic culture that has never died in America and has always thought of correcting humanity by excluding subhumans from it.

The eugenic culture of America in the 1920s led to the mass sterilisation of defective Americans, to gas chambers with gas of the “Zyklon” family. Eugenic culture was brought to Germany and gave rise to Hitler and the superhuman theory, lit crematoriums all over Europe, and made the Jewish people fuel the furnaces of Auschwitz and Majdanek.

Today in Ukraine, the Russian Dream is fighting techno-tronic fascism. In Avdeevka and Popasnaya, which the world has never known, the fate of this world is being decided. Russian “Uragan” and “Grad”, Russian “Kalibr” and “Kinzhal”, Donbass militia and airborne battalions attack the project “Russophobia”, punching holes in it. And again, once again, Russia, washed with blood, crowned and immortal, takes upon itself the sin of the world – the great Russian ablution takes place.

And there are so many tears and blood in the living Russian water.

Aleksandr Prokhanov

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