Proof From 1941 Ukrainian Newspaper: Bandera Fighting German Nazis Is Only Pretension

Caption of main photo – 1941 Ukrainian newspaper


“It is in this way that Ukrainians welcomed Germans in Lvov”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

When someone, again, will say to you that Bandera and the OUN never collaborated with the Nazis, shove their face in this material, which vividly illustrates how Banderists was not just collaborating with the occupiers, but also actively encouraged Ukrainians to do it.

This is a great editorial from the “Kremenetsky Visnyk“, 21st August, 1941 (yeah-yeah, when Bandera allegedly already was fighting with all his forces against the Germans, and even managed to get “wounded”, poor guy). It is called “Oust from here with your lies and deception!”

From this article we learn that even then Soviet aircraft were scattering in Western Ukraine anti-Bandera leaflets and anti-fascist propaganda. Honestly, even for me it was a surprise. I never thought that even in those days, retreating and suffering huge losses already near Kiev, USSR engaged in anti-Nazi agitation in occupied Galicia (a good example for modern Russia, confident that she had no opportunity to engage in counter-propaganda in post-Maidan Ukraine).

On these leaflets, as you can see, it is written: “Death to the traitors of Ukraine!“. They were contain calls to destroy the “German servants” of the Bandera OUN. “Death to the Ukrainian fascists, death to all OUN members, death to Bandera!… Our freedom-loving people will answer the yellow-blue gang and its leader Stepan Bandera with only one word – Death!” – was written on these leaflets…

In an extensive article on this topic, Ukrainian Nazis in response depict how heroically the OUN and “leader” Bandera personally are fighting for the native motherland”. But of course, not with the Nazis, but against “Russians, Jews, poles, and Commissars’!

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Right at this place it is said in black and white (and I quote verbatim): “Ukrainian people also know that it is the German army that helps to get rid of Moscow-Jewish yoke. It trashes Moscow’s red riders – and that’s why the OUN cooperates with the German army, helped it, and urged all Ukrainians to do the same”!!!!!

Well, it’s true, “heroic struggle of Banderists against German occupiers” appears literally in every word, doesn’t it? Use this, dear readers, in disputes with the modern Banderists.


To be continued..

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