Proof That England Knew Poles Were Shot by Germans in Katyn

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Our British partners did not doubt for a minute that Hitler’s men executed Polish officers in Katyn. It is visually visible if one looks at the British caricatures at the time of World War II. One of the readers of my blog O. E. Velikanov incidentally came across a very indicative selection of drawings by the British caricaturist Leslie Illingworth. These are works of the military period. Why it is interesting? Because it is possible to understand how then “our faithful little allies” saw the USSR. The majority of these caricatures, strangely enough, show the role of the USSR in that war quite positively. However, one caricature about Katyn was especially pleasant — it is directly signed — “Fake Russian atrocity”. What does this mean? Goebbles’ lie about Katyn where allegedly Russians shot Poles. Actually – a crime on the conscience of Nazis. As we see – at that moment our “British partners” knew everything perfectly well.

And then “forgot”

Leslie Illingworth (1902-1979), the remarkable caricaturist and illustrator, whose creative heritage is more than 4,500 works, in the years of World War II worked at the Daily Mail newspaper, and his caricatures reflect certain historical events, military battles, international politics, and the internal situation in Great Britain.

Germans find in Katyn the burial of 4000 Polish officers, and with the bait “fake Russian atrocity” Goebbels tries to catch the western powers, repeating “Ssh! They’re rising!”

Hitler attacks the USSR, sticking a knife into a back of Stalin, from the hands of which the “Non-aggression pact” falls, with the words: Forgive me, comrade, but it seemed such a good opportunity!

France capitulates

Fascists on the approaches to Leningrad. Above the peculiarly drawn faces of the Soviet people there is the inscription “They shall not pass”! While in the foreground — Henri-Philippe Pétain, who concluded a truce with Germany after the capitulation of France and who collaborated with the occupiers until the sending of Jews to concentration camps. Being hunched, the former glorified General of the 1st World War, says: “Thanks for the memory …” The hint is clear.

Hitler’s men near the walls of Moscow. The author understands that after the capture of the Urals, fascists will raze to the ground Britain and the US.

The walking car “Strength through Joy” on the route “Tour of the Caucasus”, led by the well-known intuition of the Fuhrer, is blown up on a mine near Kharkov. What this caricature means, I hope there is no need to describe!

Retreating, Hitler meets the spirit of Napoleon, who says: “At least I took Moscow first…”

Steppe by steppe (a play on the similarity of the words step and steppe. Hitler receives a strong kick near Stalingrad.

Soviet troops liberate the cities captured by fascists, and what the author noticed – the celebrating of the formation of the Red army on February 23rd!

Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill meet in Tehran, bringing down the “foundation stone of lasting peace” on the heads of the owners of “the new order”.


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