Propagandist French TV Cut the Live Feed After a Woman Was Violently Thrown to the Ground by the Police in Reims

During the live broadcast of BFM TV from Reims, the camera showed a woman falling abruptly on the ground during the passage of police officers, who continued along their path without offering any help. Just after this scene, the diffusion of the images was interrupted and the shot cut back to the studio.

The images of a woman collapsing on the ground as police officers passed through Reims were broadcasted live by the BFM TV channel – the most propagandistic and pro-Macron channel in France. However, immediately after this scene, the channel suspended the image, returning to the studio.

In the footage we see several policemen, from behind, walking in the streets of Reims, during the act of Yellow Vests which was marked by tensions. Then a woman who is in their way falls abruptly, literally under their feet. If one of them stops for a moment before continuing on, the others seem to act as if nothing had happened.

The journalist who commented on the report said that “a passerby was jostled during the passage of the police”, adding that he did not know what had happened in reality. After his remarks, the feed cut back to the studio of the channel.

BFMTV spoke on its website later in the day, saying that the woman thrown on the ground Saturday in Reims was transported to the hospital after being touched on her scalp. But, according to her friend, interviewed by the correspondent of the media agency in question, she was able to leave the hospital the same evening.

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UPDATE: The same propagandist channel later aired her testimony after she was discharged from hospital. She confirms that a policeman shoved her with his shield.

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