The Prophetic Open Letter of a Syrian Father to the French President and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Pierre Le Corf

I wanted to share with you a very important letter, dating back to Sunday October 14th, 2012, at the beginning of the war, from a father whose 20-year-old daughter was murdered on the road to Aleppo. We’re back in 2012, prior to several years of propaganda to destroy Syria, and it’s the letter from a Syrian who was able to raise his voice before all the means of communication from the interior of Syria were not drowned out and diluted.

An open letter to the President of the French Republic and his Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“The President of the French Republic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Like many Syrians, I am the father of a victim of the war that’s going on in our country. Pascale was 20 old when on October 9th, the public bus that was transporting her was the subject of an attack in which she died, murdered by an armed gang officially recognized as a part of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA), which you have supported, encouraged, and fed since the beginning of the movement.

Maybe it is the reason of State that push you to take a position in favor of the FSA, but don’t claim at all that it is for the liberation of the Syrian people from the dictatorship. The current Syrian regime and its political apparatus is not tender, we’ve known this for a long time, but the ‘bands’ of the FSA are equally associated with arbitrariness and brutality; this movement carries in itself the germs of a new dictatorship, which will certainly make us miss the previous one.

Under the generous slogan of freedom, democracy, and participation in power, you, with your allies, encouraged the introduction on our territory of extremist groups, salafists, and other elements of the movement of Al-Qaeda, who come to kill and to kill themselves here by destroying everything that they can destroy on their way; so why did you send them here? Wouldn’t westerners have enough courage to face them themselves? If your aim is to annihilate Syria to protect Israel, do you really believe that to reduce the Syrian people to ruin and misery is going to pacify and secure Israel?

Your predecessors, including the revolutionaries of 1789, have always provided support and protection to the Christian minorities of Syria and the East. Today your fundamental standpoint has an opposite effect and leads to their eradication. Do you believe in eradicating the Christians to bring civilization?

It is astonishing to notice how in a short period of time the French policy has succeeded in making us doubt the sense of this revolution and its emblem: ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’! In Syria your policy, in the sense of the practicing of power, has introduced arbitrariness; we can summarize it with another slogan: liberty and equality in Syria, oligarchy and privilege in Qatar. As for fraternity, it reigned at home inside the people, and here it is – you encouraged a confessional war, closing your eyes to flagrant discrimination that is practiced in other Arab countries, in particular Saudi Arabia.

We are told that Christianity no longer exists in your country, but we can’t see the appearance of a philosophy more generous and more cultivated than the religion that built the cathedrals. In a few months, you succeeded with your allies to transform the Islam-Christian Syrian fraternity, which we owe to these two religions, into one almost confessional war. And yet this entente is the guarantor of an Islam that is tolerant, which would have been spread throughout the world.

In exchange, the war that we are living, by the will of the FSA and its allies, seems to transform co-existence into hostility, which will spread in the world with a greater elasticity than the entente. You can be almost certain that the problems that we are currently experiencing, you will live them soon. What do we hear on the streets of Aleppo? ‘After Syria, it’s Europe’.

Moderate Islam is very fragile, because the prophet warns muslims against an alliance with non-muslims to oppose muslims. By leaving Islamic fundamentalism to proliferate, you weaken even more the moderate muslims. You even play against them. Islamic fundamentalism always has the last word because the moderates are weak and paralyzed by the verses of the Qur’an in the fight against extremists.

The Arabic proverb says: ‘Who prepares a poisoned meal is the first to die, since he must taste it’; doesn’t a French proverb say ‘ill-gotten gains never prosper’? The United States created Bin Laden, they had the 11th of September.

Of course, many reasons would invite the Syrian Christians to distance themselves from the apparatus of the current Syrian regime, but I can tell you that we, Syrian Christians, see little reason to destroy our country and allow our children to be killed to move from one corruption to the next, which would simply be for the service of other interests.

It is better to keep the policy that we have rather than follow another one that we do not apprehend to be better. Your policy is nothing else than encouragement for the installation of a confessional State in Syria with the adoption of the law of the Koran. President Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, like those that are promised in Syria – didn’t he express his intention to impose ‘Sharia’ even on the Christians of Egypt? When we will have it here, thanks to you, it will only be left for you to wish for it and to wish for it for your women.

Why did I write this open letter as a father affected in what is dearest for him? Is it to express a heart bruised by grief, or so that this bruise loudly claims what the lukewarm and indifferent heart is incapable of suggesting?

The President of the French Republic, Mr Minister of Foreign Affairs, recognise that I invite you to shift your policy in order to deploy a more courageous and virile one.

Recognise that my invitation is a supplication, but do not remain indifferent. In the name of freedom and of what remains of it, in the name of equality and what was done to it, and on behalf of the fraternity of man that was reduced to crumbs, I implore you, with thousands of relatives, to stop supporting and financing these armed bands that proclaim that it is your turn after ours.

Have mercy on the families that are wounded and disarmed, families in mourning, families that no longer have roofs, the hundreds of thousands of youth who no longer have hope.

Have you seen how Aleppo, the ancient city, became a ghost town? Did you simply imagine Paris as a ghost-town, where hundreds of thousands of French families seek refuge to avoid the shots and shells of the arbitrary ones, of fanaticism and brutality?

Your allies here hammed away on Aleppo with its bazaars, which fed Europe for centuries; they attacked the ruins. The basilica of Saint-Siméon surrounding the column of the famous ancient stylites is now a ruin of ruins. Dozens of Churches, Mosques, factories, schools, universities were the target of their fire, and what can be said about the archaeological treasures that are stolen and scattered in order to bring democracy to us!

We beseech thee, the President of the French Republic, Mr Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic, stop your support for the armed elements that do not obey any law and go back to what made the glory of France.

I beg you to accept, Mr. President of the French Republic, Mr Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic, the expression of my very high consideration.

Claude Zerez”

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