Protest in Ekaterinburg Against Those Who Seek Russia’s Destruction

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


For the political party “Civil Platform” and its expression of protest against “Yeltsinism”, the only available platform appeared to be the River Iset. Because of a ban by the administration of Ekaterinburg on the meeting and single pickets on Friday, on August 19th, hundreds of people saw slogans of the ex-party of the billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov on water, near the Yeltsin Center building – the embodiment of “victories of junta and the house of pseudo-liberals”.



Boats with the slogans “Yeltsin’s Era — a Shame Era” which took to the water under the steady beat of a drum, similar to a church bell, immediately drew the attention of passersby. The action gained the character of a flashmob: hundreds of people welcomed barges with flags of “Civil Platform” under sounds the mixed in with a mish-mash of phrases of the first president of new Russia Boris Yeltsin.

The organizers called the expression of a protest on water and the creativity needed to invent a way to show the relation of pa rty to the “August putsch” – the first attempt of dismantlement of the USSR – unique. The administration of Yekaterinburg didn’t approve any of the protest actions declared by the party.

According to organizers, at first the Ekaterinburg administration forbade the meeting, then a series of single pickets at Yeltsin Center also.

228031_Aktsiya_politicheskoy_partii_Grazhdanskaya_Platforma_Ekaterinburg_shayhutdinov_rifat_760x506_5897.3922.0.0Nevertheless we found a way to show our disagreement with the imposing cult of Yeltsin’s policies, and we proved that forcing us to be silent about tragic events for the country won’t work — we, right ones, will succeed in our mission,” said the chairman of the political party committee Rifat Shaykhutdinov.


“We considered only lawful ways to expre228048_Aktsiya_politicheskoy_partii_Grazhdanskaya_Platforma_Ekaterinburg_belous_ilyya_760x506_5101.3392.0.0ss opinion, without making any uncoordinated actions because we are struggling with “Maidan” technologies in the Urals,” explains the candidate of “Civil Platform” for the State Duma Ilya Belous.

“The sense of exactly this kind of action is lawful. We didn’t break any codes despite all interdictions of holding meetings,” said candidate for State Duma Ilya Belous.

“We want people to understand how strongly they were deceived in the 90’s. Moreover, they were deceived by people who promised freedom, and instead of it they simply let the country float freely, having created a structure where feats of work and discoveries of man were became unnecessary. And all of this was for the sake of personal enrichment,” considers Rifat Shaykhutdinov.

He noted that the party already proved its devotion to the country when it recognized the accession of Crimea to Russia and excluded from its ranks the discordant founder and the former chairman of the party Mikhail Prokhorov, famous opposition-to-authorities – musician Andrey Makarevich, and the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman who was elected to the post especially by “Civil Platform”.

The candidate of the party for the Sverdlovsk legislative assembly Sergey Militsky agrees with the chairman.

228032_Aktsiya_politicheskoy_par<ii_Grazhdanskaya_Platforma_Ekaterinburg_760x506_5482.3646.0.0“In recent years we have had an increase in visits of foreign delegations, first of all — the USA. And as the colonel of state security, I can declare thatf of embassies and consulates are intelligence spies who receive money for work on the destruction of the state from within,”  said the politician, the veteran of special forces “Alpha”.

Candidates note that they intend to further continue their work on identification of foreign agents who don’t need a strong Russia.

“In spite of the fact that in the state we want a lot of things to be changed, we agree with the foreign policy of president Putin and we consider that it is necessary to help him bring order to the country. We have a strong program in all directions, and we will win,” said Rifat Shaykhutdinov.

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