Protest & Suicide: Teenage Technology of Navalny

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


How the “protest of teens” was prepared

If it is impossible to get something by doing nothing, then this “something” is simply bought, together with all its contents. And it isn’t important what there was before, what is important is what is bought now. It is just like this that those who organized meetings of teens “against corruption” currently worked and continue to work, bringing out the young zombies who understand little under the bludgeons of OMON. Yes, yes … I am speaking here about Navalny, like about the top of a huge iceberg that is densely engaged in a network and who received huge money for this as investments,. Here is just one story connected with groups of teens on the social network “VKontakte”, which was used by criminals inclining children to commit suicide, and then it was “bought” by Alexei Navalny’s people.

So, immediately after the publication of a completely empty and unsubstantiated “investigation” of Anti-Corruption Foundation of Navalny under the name “He’s not a Dimon”, the giant machine on the inflating of this subject and collecting people for future meetings “against corruption”. Moreover, a stake was placed on the youth, from 14 to 18 years of age, because the previous attempts to bring together older people failed. Also the mass gathering of “audience bots” on YouTube, where the same-named and very expensive movie was released, immediately started. And since one of the most popular social networks among the Russian youth is “VKontakte”, then the greatest attention of the organizers and sponsors was directed exactly there.

Their work on “VKontakte” went in two main directions. The first direction is the official one. A large number of pages under the common name “March 26th. Meeting against corruption” with an obligatory link to the movie, Medvedev’s portrait, and the story about to what extent Navalny is a “hero” allegedly fighting against corruption. Pages were opened in various cities and regions of Russia. Here are some of them:

This, so to speak, is the official part, in which almost everything is clear. Except for the origin of the large sums of the money directed towards the creation of this web of pages and the payment to regional moderators, organizers, and other participants. I.e., nobody explained to the general public from where the multimillion injections were taken in the “official” preparation of unauthorized meetings in regions. Especially because all transactions involved cash. But let this remain on the conscience of Navalny and his team. Maybe sometime a happy moment will come and law enforcement bodies will take an interest in it.

But the most fascinating is the second direction of work of the team of Navalny with the VKontake network – bringing the teens out to unauthorized meetings is in the so-called informal part. And here very surprising things were observed that took place already even outside the law and the standard norms and rules.

Firstly, there was a frank illegal buying up of more or less inflated youth accounts registered in regions of the country. The buyers “from Navalny” needed precisely those pages where the youth from 14 to 16 years of age “hung out”. I.e. they searched for the necessary contingent. After the purchase of an account in “VKontakte” (sometimes even a temporary one, so to speak – “renting”), there was a change of the group’s title, sometimes even a change of the name of the group or the personal account, the words “meeting”, “Navalny” were added, and the main photos of the community were changed. Here are only some examples:

Here is a youth group in “VKontakte” under the name “Hlebushek” with an audience of 12-16 years of age where there are 175,000 participants:

Also a number of youth pages were safely closed after its members were “utilized at the meeting”. Probably, they were bought only for the period of preparation and the bringing of teens to unauthorized meetings on March 26th. Here are some links:

They, being the pages for youth of 12-18 years  of age, agitated for a few weeks “for going out to the meetings” and immediately afterwards they were closed, without giving the chance to confirm Navalny’s introduction in junior communities.

Or is here a group that was especially created for teens and a future meeting, thereby confirming that fact that preparation for the operation “He’s not a Dimon”, including the organization of unauthorized meetings with the bringing out of teens, were prepared in advance. More than a year prior! The group was created on January 19th, 2015, and before the emergence of Navalny’s “investigation” in March, 2016, was publishing funny pictures for a teenage audience.

And in March, 2016, the previous contents of the page were removed and active appeals of teenagers to come out to unauthorized meetings “against corruption” began.

Now the group is also closed.

And it is here where the most interesting thing is found out. As a result of the analysis of social networks it was possible to establish some information on the administrator of the group – a certain “Vladislav Borisov” (aka Vladyslav R.) from the city Kurgan, born in the year 2000. I don’t name the full actual name because Vladislav is currently a minor.

From the page of Vladyslav R. on VKontakte: “12th June – New meeting against Dimon against all the corruption that he symbolises. Avenue Sakharov, entrance from the side of Komsomolskaya Square, Komsomolskaya metro. Gathering at 13:30.”

This user, as it turned out, is the administrator of several communities on VKontakte and, allegedly, is engaged in the inflating of groups on social networks. And it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the administrator of the group could have been previously involved in the publication of information about the suicide of children. This is evidenced by the photos on the user’s profile.

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Thus on his pages there are photos of the Hovrinskaya abandoned hospital. In 2005 a 16-year-old teenager committed suicide here. The building is in an unsatisfactory condition and is considered as unsafe. Besides this, the page is littered with photos calling for teenage suicide. And in one of the last photos on the profile of Vladyslav R. Reena Palenkova is represented, who 2015 jumped under a train and subsequently become a peculiar symbol of teenage suicide:

“An exit exists”

“It’s enough to postpone it”

It turns out, work on “VKontakte” happened in several directions: official groups were massively created in the regions of Russia, teenage groups and personal pages with big viewership were bought up and rented, prepared-in-advance pages of teenage communities, where for a year or more various pictures and other content attracting teenagers were released. The team of Navalny didn’t have disdain for anything, even the pages linked to the suicide of children. There was one task – to bring out as much as possible minors to unauthorized meetings, and they managed to fulfil this task. Especially as considerable money was allocated for this, judging by the investments in “the protest of teens”.

Navalny’s supporters are defenders of “groups of death”?

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that Navalny’s supporters and the media supporting him, the blogosphere actively entered into a confrontation with those who fight on social networks (and not only on social networks) against propaganda of child suicide. This once again confirms that the use of resources about child suicide, pushing children to committing suicide, in fact, for Navalny’s supporters is also the same method of bringing out teens to the squares of the country, as well as all others. For them it is just a technology that works.

And those who fight against the zombification of children, thereby preventing Navalny and his team to improve technologies of influence, immediately turn into enemies for them.

Four months ago there was an event that practically nobody paid attention. On March 26th, in Krasnodar, Navalny’s supporters interrupted the action “100 reasons to live” directed against children’s “groups of death”. Knowing initially that on this day in Chistyakovskaya roshcha this event will take place, Navalny’s HQ submitted to the administration of Krasnodar a request to carry out their protest action in this place.

Naturally the city administration refused, it is exactly what the oppositionists wanted to achieve, having started to inflate hysteria on social networks that the authorities don’t allow them to have their say. The chronology of events on March 26th, 2017, in Chistyakovskaya roshcha is the following: at 10:00 in the park the lawful action against child suicide “100 reasons to live” begins. At 14:00 Navalny’s supporters appear, who unfurl posters, crying out slogans, and interrupting the carrying out of the action for the protection of children. The police demands to stop the violation of public order, the first detention takes place. And here gas grenades fly from the crowd and petards begin to explode. The event against child suicide is definitively disrupted.

Also similar events directed against the inflating on the social network of “groups of death” were disrupted by the team of Navalny in another four cities.

And here is no less striking example of how Navalny’s supporters defend the organizers of child suicide. Not later than May 16th, 2016, the article-investigation of the journalist Galina Mursaliyeva “Groups of death in communities on VKontakte”, in which teenagers are brought intentionally towards committing suicide, was published. In days the number of viewings of the material came near to one million, and the contents of the text caused an extensive discussion on social networks. Roskomnadzor stated that, together with Rospotrebnadzor, will verify the information described in the article. Criminal cases were opened and subsequently a number of organizers of suicidal communities were arrested.

And immediately, literally in a few days, a mass campaign of structures close to Navalny and bloggers on discrediting fighters against the organization of child suicide began. Thus, a certain Pavel Gladkov, who is actively cooperating with the Anti-Corruption Foundation, and explaining on his blog on LiveJournal (nickname: hueviebin1) and on the Ukrainian propaganda website Obozrevatel the grandiose greatness of “the main competitor of Putin” Alexei Navalny, immediately dropped a bomb with this huge article “Large-scale Unmasking from Groups of Death“. In the material Gladkov popularly explained that no “groups of death” exist, that this is a fake that is especially invented by the authorities with the aim of forbidding children and teenagers from using the Internet and also, it turns out, “in those territories where access for children to social networks is higher (Moscow and St. Petersburg), the level of suicides is obviously less. In addition, the penetration of social networks and messengers in the teenage and children’s environment is followed by a decrease in suicide”.

And also Navalny’s supporter stated that nonexistent “groups of death” were invented by the Russian authorities in order to distract parents from “Navalny’s exposures”“People who are in a state of psychological hysteria are not interested in politics. People are not interested in Medvedev’s palaces when your child is threatened by ominous curators of death?… Sooner or later this hysteria will yield its prohibitive fruits. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any sense in inventing nonexistent groups of death”.

And the journalist Dmitry Tayevsky, who in every possible way praises Navalny and compared him to De Gaulle and Ghandi, made an article “Groups of Death: the myth against the background of hysteria”, where again he joyfully reported that allegedly no “groups of death” exist and all of this is fake and invented by “Putin’s regime” to remove children from social networks.

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But it is especially the oppositional “Meduza” website, which in detail described each step of Alexei Navalny in enthusiastic tones, which caused a stir the most, and whose first page looks like this:

And so, “Meduza” published two huge articles in which it is claimed that there are no “Groups of death” and all of this (take one guess) … is a fake that is invented in order not to allow teenagers on social networks. It turns out that “teenage suicide exists irrespective of games and is connected to them only a little bit”, and that the resources pushing teenagers towards suicide such as “Blue Whale” is just an urban legend. So, don’t at all deprive your children of access to social networks and primarily to “VKontakte”.

Also this is only the small part of the media and the blogosphere “from Navalny”, actively defending the organizers of teenage suicide, stating that aren’t any “groups of death” and that this is a fake that is especially invented by the authorities with the aim of forbidding children and teenagers from using the Internet. These same social networks, by means of which Navalny brings teenagers and children to unauthorized meetings.

But also there are people who directly, in Alexei Navalny’s environment, connected through the pages in “VKontakte” with those who “discuss” the ideas of “groups of death”, post photos of “blue whale” and other propagandists of child suicide.

Meet Igor Kotlyarov – an active supporter of Navalny, a participant of meetings and provocative “sit-ins” on Sakharova Street directly near Navalny himself.

On his page of VKontakte in the rank of the only “close friend” (of course, a mutual one) there is Avraam Bitkin, who positions himself as a children’s psychologist. On Bitkin’s page there is vast reasonings that “children who really feel bad in life, many of them thought or even to self-harm already BEFORE these groups. Why place everything on these groups, and say that “organizers LEAD children to their death”???”. “Suicide — it is not an elan of madness. It is one kind of MEDICINE, rather dreadful, but effective enough to stop intolerable Pain”.

Also on Bitkin’s page there are photos with symbols of “blue whale” and other suicidal groups, which are nowadays closed.

Besides this, Avraam Bitkin on Facebook is the only mutual friend of a certain Filipp Lis. For those who aren’t aware, I inform: arrested for the creation of “groups of death” on social networks – Philip Budeykin (nickname: Filipp Lis) admitted his guilt in instigating bringing teenagers to committing suicide. Budeykin is accused of operating communities on “VKontakte” where teenagers were offered to play “blue whale” — the aim of the game was inducing suicide. If it is the fake account of Lis, there is a question: why was it created and why is his only mutual friend Avraam Bitkin?

And here is what Bitkin posts on his Facebook:

“Task #1. You must write in personal messages in the group what your understanding of death is. What do you think – what will there be after you die? And also we want to know the main reason why you don’t want to live anymore. You must fulfill your task before 2:00 Moscow time. Those who don’t fulfil the task will be eliminated from the game. Good luck.”

“After December 8th, 2015, in silent house 147 persons went, #f57 completely fulfilled their mission. The time for a new wave came. Very soon the gate will open. And the State started to take measures, knowing that Reena was number 1. And she opened everyone’s eyes – that silent house is not simply an invention, but it is something bigger…”

Of course, Mr Bitkin states that he fights to rescue children from suicide, explaining to them that it is bad to die. But, as experts consider, in the “groups of death”, besides “curators”, there are also so-called “saviors”, who methodically describe to teenagers who come on their page that “suicide won’t solve all problems” and “you are weak”, by which, according to experts, they push children towards searching for more sophisticated methods of leaving life, as a proof of force. And isn’t Bitkin such a “savior”, even not deliberately, who is secretly used by Navalny’s technologists for “work” with teenagers?

Also this is only a small part of the binding threads of the team of Alexei Navalny with those who support or propagandize teenage “groups of death”, and in fact protects its curators, stating that no “groups of death” exist, that this is a fake that is especially invented by the authorities with the aim of forbidding children and teenagers from using social networks. And I personally don’t have the slightest doubt that Navalny in his experiments with bringing thousands and thousands of teenagers to unauthorized meetings used the same “experts” who were engaged in advancing the “groups of death”, and borrowed the same technologies and principles of work. As is confirmed by everything above. Only I would just like to know from Alexei Navalny and all those who support him and propels him: Don’t you dream at night about bloody boys or girls who stepped off the roof?

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Connected by the same chain: Teenage “groups of death” and the “HQ of Navalny” – Evidence

Earlier I described about the interaction between Alexei Navalny’s HQ with administrators of the “groups of death”, who organized “games” of teenage suicide. This interaction, of course, is unofficial, and took place in the framework of preparing teenagers for authorized and unauthorized protest actions “against corruption”, which took place in the spring of 2017. It seems that everything had already been said and it could be possible to forget about the self-proclaimed “presidential candidate” Navalny. Especially as the infernal hysterics that everything I wrote above caused in oppositional circles, and once again confirmed that this investigation hit the most painful nail of this public, which in every possible way hide the dark technologies on gathering young children for Navalny’s protest meetings.

But, as it turned out, the cooperation of professional protesters “against corruption” with teenage suicidal “groups of death” (including “Blue whale”, which became notorious) was carried out in a much more dense regime than I first assumed. Here are new facts that are already impossible to turn away from, to remain silent, or to simply arrange information hysterics by the principle “you are a fool yourself”.

So, I will remind: arrested for the creation of “groups of death” on social networks – Philip Budeykin (nickname: Filipp Lis) admitted his guilt in instigating bringing teenagers to committing suicide. Budeykin is accused of operating communities on “VKontakte” where teenagers were offered to play “Blue whale” — the aim of the game was inducing suicide.. Here is only one of the statements of Budeykin – Lis:

“You really pushed teenagers towards death?”

“Yes. I really did it. Don’t worry, you will understand everything. Everyone will understand. They died happy. I gave them what they didn’t have in real life: warmth, understanding, communication.”

And now before us is the table of the former administrators and propagandists of “groups of death” at the time of F.Budeykin-Lis. Remember these names and nicknames.

“Filipp Moryanov (aka ‘More Kitov’, ‘Filipp Chelov’); Miron Setkh; Genrikh Kugler”

Legendary “More Kitov”, standing at the origins of “groups of death” – Filipp Moryanov, aka Filipp Chelov from Krasnodar, a friend and colleague of Budeykin-Lis. It is precisely Filipp Chelov who started assigning numbers to “players in death”, but understood in time what is going on and pretended that he allegedly distanced himself from the topic of suicide. But here are only some of his texts in “groups of death”, calling teenagers to commit suicide and justifying the actions of “curators”:

“Such publications can push ill people towards suicide. But teenagers become ill in their families. Or, I know very well these bourgeois morals, glorifying the institute of family and hating strange and horrible social networks. No, Sirs, it will not work like that. Firstly it is YOU who is guilty because your child ended their own life. It is you who spits on their life. It is you who was concerned only by the grades in their school book. It is you who beat them, who strangled their independence, and sprinkle with insults. It is you who deprived your own children of warmth and love. Children came here to search for help, which they never ever in life received from you. Maybe it’s even during their final days that they needed help quitting life.”

And now the most interesting thing. In front of you the same initiator of “groups of death” Filipp Chelov (aka “More Kitov”, aka Filipp Moryanov) during Alexei Navalny’s meeting “against corruption” on March 26th, 2017. Pay attention – on the left is a link for gathering volunteers for “Navalny’s Team”:

And here there is “More Kitov” with the head of “Navalny’s HQ” and his right hand man Leonid Volkov. Two ideologists of “protest”, also including suicide, merged in a friendly handshake in Alexei Navalny’s HQ. What more proof do you need?

And here is what was published on the page of “Nekres” group on March 26th, 2017. This same “Nekres” group in which the administrator is the colleague “Lis”-Budeykin, and not the last person in a gathering of “primary” suicide curators – “Miron Setkh”. It is precisely him who helped F.Budeykin-Lis to stage hype-groups, the creator of psychological-negative video files for F.Budeykin, the coauthor of a video with pseudo-suicide of F.Budeykin-Lis.

“Today thousands of people across all of Russia will take to the streets in order to demand from the Kremlin answers to the film-investigation ‘He is not Dimon’. Especially for this, at 9am on the channel “Navalny LIVE”, we will launch a broadcast, and in real-time we will survey the situation in all cities. Leonid Volkov will be the host. Join in and share this post. Tomorrow is an important day. The broadcast will be here: [YouTube link].”

Now “Nekres” acts with the active support of the “team of Navalny”, urges to come out for a meeting on March 26th, 2017, and mentions also Leonid Volkov as the host of the TV broadcast.

Furthermore, “Heinrich Kugler” – one of the first organizers of the groups of death of “f57” and the popular writer of teenage suicide.

“Soon our portents will be the symbols of freedom”; “Firstly we must die, otherwise it is more difficult to understand everything”.

But “suddenly” “Heinrich Kugler” actively acted as the propagandist urging teenagers to come out for Navalny’s meeting on March 26th, 2017. And even more: on his profile the work place is mentioned – “Team of Navalny”:

And this is only a small part of the ties of Alexei Navalny and his “chief of staff” Leonid Volkov with administrators and curators of teenage “groups of death”. Certainly, these people were used by Navalny and Volkov in the organization of bringing out 14-16 year-old teenagers to the streets for participation in meetings “against corruption”. This is a fact confirmed with photos and screenshots. What other proof is needed?

And even if after this publication, someone from Navalny’s sect will state that the organizers of “meetings against corruption on March 26th” aren’t connected in any way to founders and curators of teenage “groups of death”, then it’s not my affair. This is one for the psychiatrist.

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