“Prove That Assad DIDN’T Use Sarin” – America’s Model of International Law

By Ollie Richardson

Concerning the modern, post-millenium world, what do the shootdown of MH-17, nine/eleven, and both Assad “Sarin attacks” have in common? Yes, that’s correct – in all three instances the US monopolised the “truth”, which in reality is the reason “the US entered WW2. The first by using the fraudulent hobbyist Bellingcat State Department project, the second by creating the “9/11 Commission” to whitewash what certain moving companies were doing on nearby bridges, and the third simply by showing distressing photos of “suffering” children from somewhere in the Middle East. In fact, with the latter no actual pseudo-investigation was needed – the propaganda media machine went to work as usual. In philosophy this type of “proof” is known as “Russel’s Teapot”, or in other words – a logical fallacy.


In the cases of MH-17 and the “use” of Sarin gas, Russia is assigned the task of proving a negative – prove you DIDN’T shoot the plane down; prove Assad DIDN’T gas his own people. This mechanism is actually the cornerstone of the liberal ideology – total simulacrum. The adoption of the said ideology demands the rejection of identity, and thus it is the equivalent of a virtual private network, where your existence is actually a proxy for the existence of something else. For the US tax payer – this means the Military-Industrial Complex. Trigger words such as “democracy”, dictator”, “human rights”, “terror”, “freedom” etc help to keep the subject connected to the matrix. 

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Through hegemonizing International organisations such as the UN, America became the judge, juror, and executioner. What Donald Trump did to Shayrat airfield, regardless of whether he was pressured into doing it or not by songbird John McCain & Co, is the most vivid example to date of acting outside the law – because Washington IS the law. For further examples, look no further than Yugoslavia.

Whilst this assessment may seem both depressing and frank, the realisation that it represents reality has led to social media becoming a leading tool to disseminate uncomfortable truths, instead of the comfortable lies the corporate western media has force-fed consumers for decades.

Thus, it can be stated with certainty that the 14-page report on the 2017 Sarin hoax below, written by the MIT professor Theodore Postol – known for his debunking of the 2011 Sarin hoax in Damascus, and which proves in the very least that Sarin can’t have been dropped by an aircraft, will not be promoted in the West, and the social media supporters of al-Qaeda will instead try to discredit Postol’s credentials, and not the conclusions of the report. Of course, Elliot Higgins, the White Helmets, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the OSCE, and the vast number of other such shills are “qualified professionals”… 

Postol assessment 041117

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