Public Activists Celebrated the Red Army’s Liberation of Zaporozhye, Despite the Threats of Banderists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Zaporozhye unknown persons poured Zelenka over the head of the Institute of Legal Policy and Social Protection of Irina Berezhnaya, Elena Berezhnaya, and the former deputy of the city council Andrey Ivanov, who heads the public organisation “Victory Regiment” and who announced a rally on the Walk of Glory in honor of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Zaporozhye from the Nazi-German occupiers. This was reported on October 14th by the local “” publication.

It is noted that the incident happened at around 11:00 in the “Fiesta” cafe. At that time Ivanov was inside the establishment with Elena Berezhnaya – the mother of Irina Berezhnaya, who died in 2017.

Also, on October 14th about 60 people, mainly older people, gathered to honor the memory of those who died for the liberation of Zaporozhya in World War II on the Walk of Glory.

Together with the leader of the “Victory Regiment” Andrey Ivanov, who acted as the organiser of the gathering, there was also the leader of the Zaporozhya communists Aleksey Baburin and also guests from Kiev, Odessa, and Kharkov. Several women with Ukrainian flags tried to thwart the celebration. They shouted during the speeches “Glory to Ukraine!”.

Elena Berezhnaya’s speech at the event:

“They [those who earlier attacked her and her colleagues – ed] are bastards who represent no more than 5% of the city. These are people for who the victory [in WW2 – ed] is a defeat, who regret that Hitler didn’t win, who rename our streets and avenues after collaborators, the helpers of German, and officers of the Third Reich, and our task is to not allow it. I am sure that we will celebrate the next Victory Day in a different state where there will be no neo-nazism and where there will be no helpers of fascism.”

The speech of Yury Derkach:

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“Today, we are living in difficult times, when the country has been destroyed, the people are divided and continue to be destroyed and divided. Our task is to unite under our flags all patriots – in the good sense of the word, all nationally oriented nationalists and patriots – in the correct sense of the word and meaning. If we do not establish order in our country, if the people aren’t united, then our country will no longer be. I am sure we will win, and very soon at that. Even among these people who are standing behind us [provocative Banderists with Ukrainian flags – ed] there are a lot of those people who realised that they [the leaders of the country – ed] are leading the country towards the abyss, and that they are just ordinary deceived bastards who serve foreign countries and carry out the will of their foreign masters.”

The speech of Andrey Ivanov:

“We will never allow Bandera or Shukhevych into the city. No street will ever be renamed in this city, because this is not our history and because we were brought up differently. Today we came here to pay tribute to the memory of Soviet soldiers. Tell me at least one name who liberated the people who fought in UPA or UNA-UNSO, at least one name? I don’t think anyone will be able to remember one. No Zelenka or eggs will break us. We will always remember and celebrate every year, and every holiday more and more people will become.”

The speech of Moris Ibragim:

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“Hello, comrades. I was attacked with zelenka many times already in Odessa, and not just in Odessa. We will consider than Zaporozhye is one more city where we celebrate it [victory in WW2 – ed]. Let’s consider that throwing Zelenka at us means only one thing – that they are afraid of us. They don’t want people to know history. They don’t want such people – real patriots of Ukraine – as you to stand here. They thought that they had frightened us and that we wouldn’t come. But we came anyway. Greetings to all of you from Odessa. Congratulations to Zaporozhye on the Day of Liberation. I allow myself to say all of this because I represent some public organisations in Odessa.

You know, we are asked ‘and why do you celebrate the victory in every city and village? You have one Victory Day [May 9th – ed], and that’s all’. I always answer them: we will celebrate the liberation of every kilometer, because people died for every kilometer. People gave their blood for every kilometer. Because every kilometer is also another step towards Berlin. Because if they didn’t liberate Zaporozhye, if they didn’t liberate Odessa, if they didn’t liberate Kiev, then our Red Army wouldn’t have reached Berlin. Because the liberation of every kilometer means a lot to us.

Today they try to rewrite history, and it is very regrettable that it happens at the state level. We’d like it so that this isn’t so. That’s why we go to different cities. We try to explain what Victory Day is, as well as what the liberation of this or that city is. We consider this to be our duty -our duty before Ukraine, before veterans, who are still alive in only a small number, because unfortunately year after year they will be fewer and fewer. There are such wiseacres like Dmitry Gordon and Vladimir Vyatrovich who say that there was a need to abandon Leningrad, that there was a need to abandon Zaporozhye and Odessa. So there was a need to accept Hitler in the Soviet Union in general? We gift it to him? Those who say this simply have no conscience. Secondly, they have no pride for the country that they were born in and their grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought for. That’s why we will tell them: we didn’t surrender it back then, and we won’t surrender it now either. Once again – happy holiday.”–CN_RAM

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