Public Activists: “Mariupol Has Been Turned into a Neo-Nazi Base”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A Mariupol delegation appealed to the people of Greece, who the Ukrainian authorities urged to restore Mariupol within the framework of the countries of Europe’s patronage over cities in Donbass.

In the appeal, which was heard at the “Mariupol in the conditions of Increasing Tension” conference, social activists spoke about genocide by Ukraine and the imposition of fascist ideology.

“Recently the Kiev authorities urged the countries of Europe to restore the cities of Donbass. Greece was urged to restore Mariupol, but Greece didn’t destroy Mariupol, the descendants of Greeks founded this city,” stated the head of the Rescue Forum of Mariupol Irina Popova.

Also the public activist read out the appeal of the residents of Mariupol to the people of Greece.

“The city of Mariupol, which Ukraine craftily asks Greece to restore, has actually been turned into a neo-Nazi base. We ask you to pay attention to these facts and to condemn Ukraine for crimes against humanity. Also, we ask to take measures to preserve Greek and other settlements and to stop the genocide of people. Remembering the heroic fight of Greece against both Italian and German fascists, we hope for understanding. Stop Ukrainian fascism!” called Popova.

During the conference the board member of the Rescue Forum of Mariupol Elena Subotina spoke about the outburst of fascism in the city and its vicinities after the arrival of nationalist battalions along with the Ukrainian authorities [junta – ed].

“The most horrible thing that happens in Mariupol is the ‘Azov’ battalion. Today it is already a regiment that organises children’s camps where it trains children in terrible things – how to hate Russians, there are many slogans, such as ‘Beat up the Moskal’. I.e., today they accustom small children to hate Russians, although they themselves are practically all Russians,” said Elena Subbotina.

Nazis from the “Azov” Battalion Celebrated the Anniversary of Ukraine’s Occupation of Mariupol

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