“Public Figure” Kiva Suggested to Return the Death Penalty For the Extermination of “Enemies & Traitors”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The death penalty in Ukraine must be restored so that there is an opportunity to destroy “enemies and traitors”. This was stated on the air of the “112” TV channel by Ilya Kiva, who was presented as a public figure.

“Our country needs the death penalty – the ruthless extermination of enemies and traitors. These are those things that will bring victory and the return of the borders closer. Don’t be afraid of it,” said Kiva.

He suggests to exterminate both unfair officials and carriers of pro-Russian views.

“My position concerning people who try to tell us about possible improvements in relations with Russia and about dissent in the State only becomes stronger. There will be no dissent. There will be only the extermination of the enemy, the extermination of traitors and all fans of the Russian world. We will simply wipe them off from the face of Ukrainian land,” stated Kiva.

He believes that punishment needs to be toughened concerning those who “lack hatred for Russian aggression.

“We should’ve exterminate, cut off, and not to be afraid to do it, not to dither around. Because now all those who since the morning quietly sing along to the anthem of Russia or use little rags like the Kolorad ribbons in their kitchens, all of them must be buried in the ground. Maybe my position is too sharp and inconvenient, but shove sharpness and inconvenience up your ass,” assured Kiva.

The host tried to shyly object.

“Oh, calm down, there is a need to inform people. Only together will we be able to break the spine of this pro-Russian glimmering hope,” concluded Kiva.


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