Pushkov Stated the Beginning of NATO Preparations for a Military Operation in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Senator is confident that this is clearly evidenced by the exercises that will begin in late April.

“Why do NATO need exercises in Germany with ‘Russian extras’ depicting civilians?! The answer is: the preparation of soldiers for actions in Russia,” tweeted the Chairman of the international affairs committee of the Russian State Duma Alexey Pushkov, adding that “the devil is in the details. At the same time we were told that NATO is a very peaceful structure, concerned only about the protection of democracy and human rights.”

The official representative of the joint multinational training center for soldiers in Germany Kris Bredli said that the NATO exercises will begin in late April in Germany.

According to him, the use of Russian-speaking people to train soldiers is not meant to be preparation for some kind of targeted operation. Just that the Alliance seeks to work out all the scenarios that the soldiers are likely to face. Bredli mentioned that statisticians were also recruited with knowledge of the Polish and Czech languages.

Recall that on the official website of Berlin there was an announcement in which NATO is recruiting extras with knowledge of the Russian and English languages for exercises. They must portray civilians. Salary was promised at 80 to 120 euros per day.

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