Putin and the Burden of Responsibility

NEW – March 12, 2022​​

Can you imagine how hard it is for him now? Do you realise what a difficult decision he had to make? Yes, this military operation will bring a lot of grief to many families on both sides. But its success will prevent much more grief. And he knows it perfectly well. This is the main reason for the approval of this military operation.

He is unfairly accused of starting a war, of civilian deaths and military deaths. But we must understand that this war was not unleashed by him and not 14 days ago. But it was he who decided to end the war, stop this wild cycle of deaths and put an end to the issue of the status of Ukraine. And therein lies the injustice – only he and a few other officials and security forces actually understand what they saved the world from with this special operation.

Of course, he has publicly warned many times, he spoke about it in his addresses to the people of Russia, Ukraine and even Germany. But how can people realise and feel these words, hear what one person says to them, when their surroundings, TV and social networks are filled with colourful, bright and convincing pictures about the war. After all, it is always easier to blame him – a specific person, for all the troubles without delving into the essence of what is happening. None of us will be able to realise what kind of trouble he prevented for the whole of Russia, because this trouble will never happen again. “Days of the future past” – as Western screenwriters would say.

And in all the negative consequences of the “lesser evil”, some individuals will persistently accuse him without hesitation or deliberately depriving him of the right to the term “extreme necessity”. And he knows this. And this is his burden and his responsibility. And he accepted it for the sake of the great future of Russia.

Daniil Bezsonov

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